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    New Release: Her Rock

    Hello, folks

    It’s the big day. The D-day. Her Rock, Hilly Town Alphas #3, is available now on Okadabooks, Bambooks, and on Amazon Kindle.


    It’s the third book in the Hilly Town Alphas Series. It’s not the last, though. But it promises to be the most interesting thus far.

    Get into any of the bookstores, meet Ijemma and Nedu, and be sure to leave your rating and reviews.


    BLURB: Her letter to him says she is leaving with another man. Five years later, it is Nedu or the end of her.Ijemma trades love for a life of luxury and comfort. She doesn’t bargain that she will pay a high price for it. Desperate to find herself and the will to live, she goes back to Hilly Town.Back to the man she hopes still loves her.When the woman his heart refuses to forget comes begging for a second chance, Nedu wonders if loving her is enough to overcome her past.That is not the only worry, because he will require more than the muscles he carries on his body to get rid of the millionaire Dike Onyema.

    Tropes: Alpha Hero, Second Chance at love, Shared past, Betrayal, Small Town

    Genre / Subgenre: Romance / Contemporary African Romance

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