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    New Release: Her Destiny

    Hi there. We have a new release, the second story of the Hilly Town Alphas series. Be sure to check it out. Cheers.


    Title: Her Destiny (Hilly Town Alphas #2)

    Author: Sophia Bernard

    Genre: Romance

    Subgenre: Small-town Romance

    Tropes: Alpha hero; Soul mates; Protector; Destined to be together

    Published by: Tenth Magic Press

    Cover Design: TM David-West

    Blurb: Nkoli and Chelu.

    After witnessing the man she loves wed another woman, Nkoli is heartbroken and humiliated.

    Seven months later, she is back in Hilly Town ready to go on with her life, and to find love again.

    One look is all it takes to set her heart beating for Chelu, and her body to wanting his. It’s never happened before, to fall fast and to fall hard. Can she trust him to be true to her?

    Chelu wants a woman, and he’s found her. Nkoli is his, and he has every intention to make Edozie Nnamdi understand that.

    Her Destiny is #2 of the Hilly Town Alphas series, and can be read as a stand-alone.


    Her Destiny, Hilly Town Alphas #2 is available on Okadabooks.

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