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    Hello, folks

    As this Gen-Z people say, It’s been a minute.

    How’s life and living wherever you reside? My hope is you’re holding up and keeping your flag flying.

    My plan to bring life back to the blog with the story Me, John and Love didn’t work out. The biggest problem is me failing to connect with the story. The second is that I’ve other works on the table and can’t spare the time to let it speak to me.

    I’m convinced I will do the quartet (because it is part of the quartet Love Makes No Sense) someday. It’s just not time yet, I guess.

    For the now, we have our latest release Her Destiny, Hilly Town Alphas #2, on Okadabooks, Bambooks and Amazon Kindle.

    Yay, right? I finally made it into Amazon.

    Her Shield, Hilly Town Alphas #1 is also in the three stores. The same for Waiting for Love, Just Deserts and Midnight Dance. Overtime, I will include other books on Amazon.

    Today, I’m releasing the covers of our next stories, Her Rock, Hilly Town Alphas #3, and Never Too Late, a contemporary romance novella with a touch of suspense.

    Both will definitely be out in October. Look forward to them.

    Until we step in here again, stay well, and be sure to leave your review wherever you read my books. Cheers ❤️

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