This evening, I just have this prodding to give us this little space to specifically thank the Lord for something, or for many things that He’s done for us. I just want us to proudly and thankfully own Him and the good He has done. I just want us to count our blessings and for this moment, this evening, forget those ‘many’ things we want which He is yet to do for us. I just want us to look inward and say: Yes, God did that for me. He made that happen, and I am thankful He did.

His Word tells us that God inhabits the praise of His people. And there is nothing like giving God praise through acknowledgement of His good deeds. If He did it, tell Him He did it and thank Him for it.

Me, I want to thank you, Father, for the life of my sister. You kept her here with us. You gave her back life. Thank you, Father. I also want to thank you for Michael’s and my fifth anniversary. We’re yet to make the millionaire’s club and the parenthood club, but you are, by your grace and wisdom, teaching us how to love and respect one another, how to better understand each other. You are teaching us how to be one in marriage without losing our individuality. You are sustaining us despite all the tough times, blessing the little that we do and giving us hope for a better tomorrow. I thank you for it all, Father.

I also thank you for all family and friends and specifically thank you for every eBook sale I made in 2017. You are my Source and my Provider and so, without You, I am nothing and have nothing. So, thank you for all sales, Father. Thank you too for keeping another full year.

Now, it’s your turn. Thank Him specifically for something. A song in Igbo language says: You thank Him, He will do another for you. So… thank Him.