Mercenary Wife – 1

Mercenary Wife – 1

EPISODES: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ♥ It was a fashionable society wedding. The kind that dazed the imagination of guests and that had them talking above whispers. More »

He Knows You – do you?

He Knows You – do you?

Who better than the one who created a thing to know it? I always think to myself, I know myself. No one knows me like I know myself. No one gets me. More »

Dinner For Two

Dinner For Two

EPISODES: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. CHAPTER ONE  ♥  The thought of her made his heart skip. It literally did—each, and every moment, he thought of her. And he thought of More »

Body On My Doorstep

Body On My Doorstep

EPISODES: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. One ♣ THE jarring noise punctured my eardrums, pierced into my subconscious and destroyed my lavish sleep and picturesque dream. Damn! I hated alarm clocks. I More »

Key To My Heart

Key To My Heart

KTHH EPISODES TEN  ♣ ♥ ♣  HE rattled the iron-cast knocker that swung down the side of the gate. He hadn’t knocked first time he’d stopped by, he was doing so this More »

Key To My Heart

Key To My Heart

EPISODES: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. ONE ♣ ♥ ♣ THE sun was still up in the sky but shadowed by the More »

The Forgiving Lover – my 1st story

The Forgiving Lover – my 1st story

TFL: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. This was my first ever written story. I wrote it at 13—June/July of the year 1990. Then I self-edited it three months later, October 1990. More »

Unfaithful 2 – Flash Fiction

Unfaithful 2 – Flash Fiction

“How long have you been seeing him?” Again. My head reminded my battered heart to add again, but I could not muster the effort. “A month or so.” Ama didn’t look at More »

This One Night – Micro Fiction

This One Night – Micro Fiction

So yesterday Toykathy made a teasing remark on the Writers’ Guide 101 post about me writing an Erotica. Not a genre I have particular talent for but I once had my trial More »

House on the Hill

House on the Hill

EPISODES: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. One ₪ MOYO TRAMPED DOWN the dusty sidewalk of the two-lane highway. The evening sky More »

Kiss Me If You Can – 1

Kiss Me If You Can – 1

EPISODES: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Kiss me if you can. It’s the title of a Ghanaian movie, I know. Not quite original since there is Catch me if you can More »



Read Two. PART THREE  ADESE emptied the content of the last pot into the bin, then took the bin outside and came back in through the kitchen backdoor. She blew out a More »

The Marriage Ultimatum

The Marriage Ultimatum

TMU EPISODES CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE ♥ He had gotten back to their hotel room and found her gone. She had taken only her handbag and phone with her. The suitcase she’d brought along More »


Who Killed Dana Bala? – 4




CHIEF Superintendent Charles Kanayo has just left the Imo State University Teaching Hospital where he’d gone to speak with the Pathologist attached to the State Police command, Dr. Denis Chikelu, on the autopsy findings so far in the Dana Bala case.

Dr. Chikelu hadn’t had much for him, and he hadn’t really expected much either, it had barely been twenty four hours since the body had been deposited by his team at the hospital. Well, however little the information he had, he wanted to update Fr. Chrys on them. So, slipping out his phone as the Police Sergeant on the driver’s seat of the Hilux van sped through the light traffic towards their Station, he dialled the Priest’s number.

“Good morning, Father.” He greeted once the call was picked.

“Good afternoon, Charles, how are you?” Fr. Chrys responded. “Are you on the road?” He asked, hearing the noisy static from the other end.

Charles pushed off the file he had on his laps onto the seat and tried to stretch forward his legs. “As a matter of fact I am, Father. Actually I’m on my way back from the Teaching hospital; had gone over to speak with our Pathologist there.”

One More Time… And Forever – 11




He hated when he woke up with indistinct throbs on his temple that were nothing short of foretelling signs of impending headaches, a bout of fever, or worse, malaria.

He couldn’t stand being sick and mostly because he couldn’t stand taking medications. Or worse, injections. And he’d be darned if he was going to allow anything that might bring about any of those sneak in, Chima decided and spent most of the day in bed, resting his body, mind and spirit, and keeping sickness at bay.

By the time he was all set for his movie date with Tamara, he felt better and considering the battle against any incoming sickness won, he was all cheer and high spirit.

Well, who knew playing big brother and taking your sister to the movies could be this entertaining? He thought with unrestrained amusement, listening to Tamara chat vibrantly and just about any subject. She wanted to become a caterer, it seemed. Or a restaurant owner. Or maybe both. She wasn’t yet decided but she loved cooking, baking, doing anything that meant food and kitchen, and that was her focus in life.

She asked his opinion. And that was another spot of surprise and pleasure, that she wanted to know what he thought of her career choice. That she would listen attentively and with plain sombreness when he gave it. And that she would make it a point to brag to her friend, Becca, when she’d called that she was going to the movie with her big brother.

Who Killed Dana Bala? – 3



 FR. Chrys was staring at the boy with a stupefied expression on his face. When Cyprian made a nervous sound by clearing his throat, he jerked a bit, recollected what they were doing—having a confession.

“Please go on.” He managed to say.

Cyprian bent his head once more and started to speak…


AFTER Dana had so carelessly announced to the other boys that they were… doing it and they’d both looked at him like the worst sinner on earth, he’d left them and went back to his room, pacing, fuming and swearing. And crying in between.

Anthony had looked angry.  No, he’d looked disappointed.

Hurt and wounded at the disappointment he’d seen in Anthony’s eyes, Cyprian marched to his own bed and dropped into it. The spring underneath squeaked but he hardly paid attention. Of course Anthony was disappointed and that was because in spite of all his admonitions and counsel, he’d gone right ahead and did the one thing he always warned him not to do—broken the sixth commandment.

Who Killed Dana Bala? – 2




IT was about 6:55 p.m. The Mass for Dana had ended some twenty minutes ago. With the Mass over, the entire household had gone straight into the house to begin preparations for supper. Fr. Chrys hadn’t joined them—he had no appetite. Instead he’d chosen to lock himself in his study room to have a quiet time.

He was sitting there now—inside the small room with only a desk and three chairs, a book shelf and a wood-frame hanger for his most commonly used Priestly garment. He was reading Peace of Soul by Fulton J. Sheen. He’d read it before, but usually reread it whenever he was feeling despondent. The quiet, candid words had always been a kind of soothing balm to his heart.

A hesitant, soft tap came at the door. He raised his head and stared at the dark mahogany door for a moment.

Sighing, he said. “Come in.” Not bothering to ask who it was. He’ll find out soon enough.

Once More Ready

We only get things done when we get ourselves prepared, in every way, to do them.

Good morning, fam. It’s been a long away-time, and its been worth it. I did not think to take some time off, it just happened and now, I am grateful it did. When one’s been lying on one spot too long, there is a desperate need to move, even if it’s just to shuffle one foot. And when you blink and still cannot see clearly, you will need to look for something to wipe your eyes clean with.

Change is good.

Change of scenery. Change of mind set. Change of attitude. Change of heart. Whatever the change, and the best ones are those we make happen within us, change is good.

I am happy to say that I am back. I have been since Saturday actually but needed to get my home in a semblance of working order again. I also needed to put myself in working mode. Things will not swing back to normal magically. We will need another week for that to begin to happen. But I am back and I am fully ready to get back to work.

Let me repeat that: I am back and I am fully ready to get back to work  😀

I wanted, and needed, to repeat that because it is such a positive affirmation and one I am so proud of. Maybe some of you noticed, or maybe no one did except if I told them, but I have not been writing. I have not been writing at all for publishing, and this state of mind where I am unable to write has been existing since June 2016. I think I may have mentioned this in the past. I only force myself to write here and simply because I can’t quite let the blog go. I barely managed to complete writing and publishing Midnight Dance and Kiss By Moonlight but since then, I’ve been unable to write anything else.

Story-lines just keep building, covers are designed and re-designed by me, but I could not write.

It wasn’t writers’ block. I don’t believe in writers’ block. It was just a state of inertia, a kind of depression, that rendered me non-functional. But not only could I not write, whatever I was writing, or struggling to write, didn’t come out right. Midnight Dance and Kiss By Moonlight are big-time evidences, and so are One More Time… And Forever and Ndubuisi… at least, until the last couple of episodes for One More Time… And Forever.

I was dispirited and in a horrible state of melancholy and it showed in the manner I wrote stories, the tone I used, the lack of life and lustre of plot and characters. I noticed but could do nothing about it. I was just helpless. Downhearted and helpless to lift myself up.

And on my birthday, I had a breakdown. Just… broke down. So… I travelled home… to mama. Lol. I went to my mother and to mys sisters and just bared my heart open and somehow, that small healing process started.

It’s still a work in progress and it will be a long long time but I am stronger and even more, I am willing to work on getting stronger and getting better every day. And career wise, as per my writing, I am working on that big time. I am studying writing styles, studying the styles of the masters and mistresses of the art, looking into where I went wrong and what went wrong, working to get back my style, to build a new style and to let that style express itself.

Bottom-line, I am re-establishing myself as a Fiction Writer, a Genre Fiction Write, and above all, a Romance Writer extraordinaire  😉

So, I am back and fully ready to work. But I am not over doing it. I am not going to put myself under pressure or permit anyone to put me under any pressure. It is going to be one step at a time, one story at a time, one chapter at a time and one scene at a time. No pressure, no hassle. Only great stories and a good life.

Hopefully, by next week, every story will go back to its slotted schedule and personal work will begin. And while we are looking forward to that, I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who felicitated with me during my birthday and also thank all who checked privately on me while I was AWOL. I also would like to thank all who remained a part of this blog and particularly those who took the time to share their thoughts via comments on whatever posts were made. May God bless you all.

So, it’s welcome back to lifeandspices.com where we try to spice up the life we’ve got and make it more enjoyable  😀

One More Time… And Forever – 10




He thought he had a right to her. He’d never thought so before when they were together. In those days, he thought of her as he thought of any woman he dated—only as a sexual partner.

He was a man and sex was important. Sex was natural and women were there to satisfy that natural yen.

But she’d changed that. Without him noticing; not consciously enough at least. He’d stayed with her longer than he’d stayed with any of his lovers. He’d fallen in love with her, like he’d never fallen in love before. Like he would never again fall in love. He’d run away from her and from that love. But he couldn’t escape. Not her and not that love.

And so, he thought, now, that he had a right to her. As she had a right to him. For him, there was to be no other woman. For her, he was the only man.

Maybe thinking that way made him arrogant.

All right, it wasn’t ‘maybe’, Chima granted with a snorted sigh as he smoothly overtook the Kia hatchback. He was acting arrogant. Thinking arrogant. Definitely showing himself to be self-assured and over-confident to the point of haughtiness.

Remarkable Monday

Sometimes, we get worried about what we are doing here on earth?

Does it happen to you?

It happens to me… more often than it should be, I sometimes think  🙂

But the thing is we are all here for specific purposes. There’s a place for me and there’s a place for you. There’s a need for you and there’s a need for you. There’s this one thing each one of us is meant to do. One thing with our name solely inscribed on it.

Hiya, good people. Happy New Week to y’all. I call this Remarkable Monday. And I’m thinking of this John Green quote:

“What’s the point of being alive

If you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”

Makes you think, huh?

While we start off this new week, let’s make the choice to do something remarkable every day.

Cheers  😀


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