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    Hiya folks.

    It’s been a while.

    I’m working on redesigning the look of the blog. It’s desperately calling for a revamp. Usually I would do this with a new theme, but unavailable funds at the moment means I’ve to work with what I have.

    That’s not so bad.

    While I’m working through that, and hoping to create a workable blog schedule, I’m presenting our newest reads in the house –

    For Love and Family & Her Love Story.

    Now, For Love and Family is a 2-in-1 novel where you’ll find The Marriage Ultimatum and Never Let You Go.

    Old stories?

    Yes. But retold differently. And in particular, The Marriage Ultimatum. I practically rewrote the story, while still maintaining the idea of it.

    I guarantee you’ll want to take a look-see.

    It’s available on Okadabooks and Bambooks. As a matter of fact, For Love and Family has been No.1 Bestseller on Bambooks for more than a few days now.

    So, if you haven’t enjoyed these stories yet. Do so this Easter weekend.

    Starting midnight today, there’ll be a 50% slash on their prices on Okadabooks.

    Don’t forget to leave a review if you read. I’d really appreciate it.

    You have the best day now. Cheers.

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