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    New eBook – Not Fairy-Tale

    Hiya people,

    At last Not Fairy-Tale  has been published… yay!

    Find it on Okadabooks right HERE.

    Or get in touch with me for your PDF copy via:


    or: tmdavidwest@gmail.com

    And here’s the Blurb:


    Fejiro believed in love, in romance, in Prince Charming saving the damsel in distress and in happily ever after. But when her romantic liaison with Kane ended in heartbreak and a pregnancy she didn’t want, she realised that love was not always starry-eyed and life was not a fairy-tale.

    But maybe where one door closes, Cupid shoots open another… at least, in a love world.

    Cheta was a man focussed on his goals, and love and romantic relationships had no place in his priority list at the moment. But when a friend, and colleague, needed help, his kind heart could not resist reaching out. So, he reached out to Fejiro and became her shoulder to lean on.

    Still, they say no good deed goes unpunished, right?

    Cheta certainly thought so when Fejiro wound up in love with him. And now, they both had to find out if her love was strong enough to win his heart, especially when he wasn’t ready at all for the entangling business of love.

    Not Fairy-Tale, the no.3 of the Workplace Romance Trilogy, love happens when it wants to, and it’s not always magic, or sane.

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    Well done, TM

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