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    Work and Pray

    Have you ever wanted something so bad you started to list the many reasons why you don’t deserve to have it?

    I have.

    Our wants come with various stages. First, we want it and we go ahead to pray for it: Dear Lord, I want this. Bless me with it, O Lord.

    When we wait a while, and usually this is a short while, we beg for it: Oh Merciful God, for the sake of your love for me, bless me with this.

    Still nothing happens, so we bargain for it: Almighty Father, the one who sees and knows all things, if you give me this, I will give that to you.

    But the bargain changes nothing. We are starting to panic at this point. A little worried, we make promises: My Father in heaven, I promise you half of my that if you bless me with this.

    A short while has become a really long while, so desperation has set in. Desperate now, we venture into bribery by trying to buy this out of God’s hand: Oh God, My Provider, the one who blesses every seed sown, I am sowing so-so naira for you to bless me with this.

    Then we sow some more: Multiplier of every seed, I sow so-so naira, that-that car, this-this clothes and ask only that you bless me with this.

    Even more sowing: Jehovah Over-do, the one that cannot be outdone, I am giving this-this-this and so-so-so-so naira and also that-that-that-that gift and in return I ask and beg that you bless me with this.

    That really long while is now many years gone past, so we are no longer desperate, we are now depressed. Oh, where is God, we ask. Why, Lord, have you forgotten me, would be another regular rhetorical question.

    Depressed and angry, with God and with the whole world, we switch to blackmail: Lord, I have served you sincerely all my life. In my youth, I did this and that and that again. I know I’m a sinner but I have tried to be faithful. Who was in church when it was raining cats and dogs last Sunday? Lord, I have given you my best, but I can’t continue like this if you don’t show yourself. Show yourself, Lord. Prove yourself mighty. Do this for me or I will know forever that there is no God.

    We wait, breath abet. We cry. We curse. We beg. We turn our backs to God. No church going for five consecutive Sundays.


    We start to ponder why this has not been given to us. As we ponder, we begin to see why we do not deserve this. Because the reasons seem to exceed the fingers on one hand, we get out a sheet of paper, mental or physical sheet, and we begin the listing of why we do not deserve this.

    Listing done, we are despondent: Father, forgive me for I have sinned. Like the prodigal son, I now come to you and I ask only that you receive me back, nothing more.

    And in truth, we want nothing more, especially this. We don’t want this anymore. We don’t deserve to have this, so best to forget it.


    If you started out believing that you needed this, it is likely you need it. It is also likely that you will get it. The question is: How?

    Sometimes, in the course of our living life as Christians, we become wrongfully dependent on God.

    Take note of the word: wrongfully. It is the key.

    We are meant to depend on God. He is God and our God, and He is Almighty. There is nothing He cannot do. Absolutely nothing.

    This is the truth and we know that truth. But sometimes, knowing and believing that truth, we become careless, nonchalant, lazy, even entitled.

    God can do it, so do it, Lord, while I do nothing.

    You want this. You probably need this. You can have this. God can give you this. But…

    You need to get THIS for yourself. He has put it within your reach and you wrongfully depending on Him to get it, isn’t going to make Him give it to you.

    A woman who wants a child, cannot have a child without having sex. Jesus will not be reborn, take note.

    A man who wants wealth, cannot become wealthy by spending 23 hours in prayer and fasting and doing one hour work. He fed the multitude, but did not make them wealthy for sitting and listening to him.

    This thing you want, and need, you can have when you work for it.

    Some things, He gives to us freely. Some things we work our ass off for. Some things, we work together with Him to get.

    A seed sown is a marvellous thing, and really a door opener. But a seed, no matter how plentiful, will not open a door diligent work is meant to open.

    My bottom-line?

    Be clear what you want. Be clear if it is a need. Be clear how to get it. Be clear that God is a miracle worker, not a magician.

    Work and Pray, that is the way of life.

    And oh, give… For it shall be given unto you.

    Have a blessed Sunday.

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  • Reply Roselyn August 13, 2018 at 1:01 am

    I no fit laugh ooo
    My Lady no injure person.
    See as I dey laugh any how.
    Thanks dear for this wonderful advice.

    • Reply TM David-West August 13, 2018 at 8:22 am

      Lol. Glad you got a laugh and a lesson out of it, Lady Rose

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