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    It’s Cover Reveal…yay!

    Hiya folks,

    It’s cover reveal day, so whoop whoop!

    It’s been a slow and steady journey from 26 November 2019 which will officially end on 4 March 2020 when Pretend Engagement takes its stand on e-stores.

    You don’t need a blurb to tell you what the story’s about. You’ve been with me on the journey. You know Callista Okoli, a small built woman who’s had to learn to love herself, value herself and wish better for herself.

    You know Mario Elue, a man who’s gone from pretending to be boyfriend to his friend, to wanting that friend in a way he’d never before wanted a woman. And just maybe there’s more to his feelings.

    And you know Chukwudi Udolisa… Well, he’s the villain in the story. And an asshole kinda villain, right?

    Pretend Engagement comes out on Wednesday, and this is where you find out how Callista and Mario resolve this final trouble and get themselves to their happy ending. You also get to see how Chukwudi Udolisa ends up. Surely he wouldn’t go out smiling, huh?

    The eBook will be on the Tenth Magic Press e-bookstore for PDF version, and on Okadabooks for the epub format. Regular Price is ₦700, but…

    We are coming out with a Launch Sale price of: ₦500 only. And this price sticks until 31 March 2020.

    So, get set to grab your copy (or copies) on the Tenth Magic Press e-bookstore or Okadabooks for ₦500 only.

    And that’s how we roll! Lol.

    Cover is below. Tell me how you like it. It was designed by TM David-West…oh yeah. And Pretend Engagement is being published under my pen name: Sophia Bernard, and by Tenth Magic Press, a self-publishing service company owned by Theo David-West.

    All right, final word. I just want to thank y’all for being a part of this journey. I, especially, thank everyone who left a comment. Reading your thoughts always makes the writing process even more fun, and the posting journey less lonely. It’s good to be appreciated, and I thank you all for doing so.

    Until Wednesday, cheers and many thanks.

    Cover :

    Cover Design : TM David-West
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  • Reply Jojo March 2, 2020 at 7:22 am

    I heart the cover. Mario is a manly man on that cover, and Cally looks like an angel. Impatiently waiting for the release.

    Well done TM

  • Reply Patience March 4, 2020 at 6:30 am

    Well done!

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