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    Conjugal Rape… there’s such a thing!

    There are things I read and I’m shocked speechless by the person’s questions, and people’s reactions and responses.

    A few days ago, I came across the story of a woman on a blog, who in a state of utter fatigue said no to her husband. He left the room, she fell asleep, and then he returned and slapped her. When she retaliated, he slapped her again and proceeded to pin her down and forcefully had sex with her.

    Rape is sex without the consent of one partner. Bottom-line, he raped her. And violently too.

    My worry is that we have no understanding of this in Nigeria. There is such a thing as conjugal rape. A wife has the right to say no. Her husband has NO right to forcefully take her. No, he doesn’t.

    No amount of bride price gives him that right. Period!

    If he rapes me, I am walking.

    We need to have this understanding. We need to establish, and at all times, that there are limits that shouldn’t be crossed.

    You are a woman, his wife, but still a woman in your own right.

    This is not the right and wrong of saying no to one’s husband. This is stating the wrong of conjugal rape.

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  • Reply Adefunke March 1, 2020 at 9:48 am

    Rape is rape and it is always horrible whether in marriage or not. Haba now

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