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    He’s not worth the fight!

    It astounds me when I hear about a woman fighting another woman for her man. And I mean, physical fight. I don’t think I could ever do that. I know I have never done it.

    A little over a week ago, I came across the story of a woman in Owerri who was remanded in prison custody for hiring thugs to beat the hell out of her husband’s side chick and making a nude video of her which she released online. The court granted her a N1m bail. In the absence of payment, she was taken to prison.

    Ask me what the dear husband she was fighting for did?

    As at then, nothing. Zilch. Just probably sitting at home, catching his groove with Miss Side Chick.

    This is just one example, there are many incidences of this nature. What I’m baffled by is why any woman would risk her safety, freedom and life for a man who’s already betrayed her? You might fight for a good man, but why do so for a cheat and a liar?

    It’s an unacceptable attitude. It’s undignified. We should have some self-respect, please. But what even leaves me even more astounded is that the woman will fight the side chick and then go back home to cook a delicious meal and give the best sex ever to her cheating-ass husband all in the name of winning him back.

    And then you hear cries of: “do you think I will leave my husband for that husband-snatcher?”

    Dear woman, have you considered the fact that that man might already have left you? A man can keep two homes. We’ve heard of it. It happens.

    But even if that’s not what’s happening and he’s only cheating because he can’t keep Junior in his pants, that isn’t reason for you to go ‘wifezilla’ on anyone. Even if you don’t want to leave because he cheated… because frankly, you don’t have to if you can look the other way. But whatever choices you make, don’t insult yourself by fighting another woman over him. Don’t endanger your life and your freedom for him.

    If he’s cheating on you, he’s probably not worth the sweat. We need to stop acting like we can’t live without these men. We need to stop acting like our very lives depend on them. You’re a woman, an individual in your own right. He doesn’t have the right to hurt you and then deprive you of your honour and dignity.

    I just think it’s time we start thinking through these senseless things we do for the man in our lives. It’s time we think of ourselves first. If that Owerri woman thought about herself, she wouldn’t have done all that now landed her in prison custody.

    Cheating hurts, but don’t hurt yourself even more. He’s not worth the pain and doesn’t deserve the fight.

    Think of your own best interest.


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