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    Protect My Innocence

    Protect My Innocence

    I am just two.

    I am still yet a baby.

    Yet, you took me into your house and your did things to me that hurt me.

    I am only two years old. Too young for the things you did to me. Yet, you did them to me and you did them again and again.

    I thought you were my Uncle.

    I thought you were my friend.

    But you hurt me. What you did is painful. I cannot sit properly. I cannot wee-wee.

    Mummy is angry. Mummy is crying.

    She went to some men in uniform. She told them what you have done to me. They took you away. Then men in uniform took you away.

    I don’t know what is happening. I don’t understand it. I only know I cannot wee-wee without it hurting me, because of what you did to me.

    Mummy is crying again. I hear her. She says people, people who know you, are saying they will kill her if she doesn’t keep quiet about what you did to me.

    I don’t understand. You hurt me. Uncle, you hurt me. Now, you want to hurt my mummy.

    I am only two. A baby still. But you hurt me.



    I was listening on a radio program a couple of days back and it devastated me to hear that a thirty-something year old man was defiling a two year old girl until her mother found out and went to the Police. Now, the Police instead of protecting both child and mother, gave out the mother’s mobile number to persons who obviously were friends or family of the defiler and they started making threatening call to this woman.

    This is the sad state of the country we live in. Defilement and Rape are not taken seriously enough. The victim is shamed and victimized. The family of the victim are forced to hush it up to protect their own and their family. It is just too sad and devastating. We need to go beyond this. We need to protect children, not protect their defilers.

    Once again, I see our security agents failing in their duties and it is such a show of shame. But I say we should not be discouraged. If they, security agents, are refusing to fight for us and protect us, we should fight to beat them and get such matters to the court of law. And I also think that the law should offer more stringent punishments for defilement and rape. We need to send a message that will scare, not encourage the offenders.

    Anyway, being who I am, I wrote a short piece above about it.

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  • Reply Roselyn May 19, 2018 at 2:42 pm

    I am heart broken. I pray for my little daughter always. May God protect our daughters from all these animals roaming about in same clothes.

  • Reply Iyke David May 20, 2018 at 1:25 pm

    This is a wicked world
    Heart less people roaming about

  • Reply Salako Oluwadamilola Ayodeji August 30, 2018 at 2:36 pm

    Thanks ma’am for writing out d heart cry of d young…this world is so full of hate and wickedness…it is very disheartening

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