• Flash Fiction

    Trapped… by Greed

    “I am trapped in a loveless marriage.”

    “When I look at him, I hate him for being the man I have to spend the rest of my life with. When he touches me, I hate myself for giving my body to him.”

    “I would leave him if I could. But I can’t.”

    “I can’t leave him when he’s worth almost a billion naira. So, I am trapped in this marriage where there’s no pretence that I am only one of his toys, and he is only my cash machine. Sad, right?”

    She lifted her eyes to look at the man sitting across of her on the round armchair with his pouch sitting on his lap.

    He hadn’t heard a word she said, and simply because she’d said them in her head.

    Oh, how she hated that pouch!

    But she remembered the diamond necklace she wanted and she rolled over on her back.

    “Darling, how about you come over here and help me count my toes?”

    He grunted, and she hated the sound.

    But he did come. And she would get her necklace.

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  • Reply Patience Bassey September 17, 2018 at 6:59 pm

    Lol, one way or another, we must get what we want

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