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The Burden of Envy

I stare at them as they cross the half-broken tarred road, hands clasped in each others, eyes looking at one another instead of the street they were crossing and mouths turned up with carefree, bright smiles.

My mind’s eyes sees this hazy fast-speeding car—no, trailer—fly out of nowhere and  slam into her. In my head, I hear him cry out in horror and momentary grief. I see the brief pandemonium—people running helter-skelter, screams renting the quiet evening air, her body plastered on the road, mangled from the crushing weight of the tyres, her blood splattered everywhere like a sacrifice to the gods.


 “Mr. Henning, please come in and have a seat.”

“If I have to.”

“So, how did you find out about this position?”

“What position? Sitting position? I’ve known about that as long as I can remember.”

“No, the job.”

“What job?”

“The one you’re interviewing for.”

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