Okay, people, I just want to talk this morning. No big words, no long post, no boring lecture… just talk.

We all know the cliché, “age is just a number” and we all use it loosely and with careless abandon more than half the time. But it becomes a different ball game when it’s age vs. relationship, doesn’t it?

The tradition male/female relationship says (and without it being written anywhere): the male should be older than the female. That is the relationship culture of majority of humanity whatever their race, language or religion.

But this is the 21st century, and we are now much more enlightened, socially, culturally and religiously liberated, and not so traditional anymore, right? So, age, in this era, shouldn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter who is older, the man or the woman. After all, it’s an equal-rights society these days, right?


Not everyone is comfortable. Some people are still traditional.

So, let’s talk. Do you think age matters in your relationships?

Ladies: Will you date a man you are older than?

Gentlemen: Will you date a woman older than you?

People: Is there an age limit difference you will not go beyond when it comes to dating/marriage?

It’s the new Just Gist session, people, and this morning, we are talking age… is it really a scary business in relationships? Lol.

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