It’s been raining cats and dogs for six days, which was already posing a hazard in areas with poor drainage, building structures and plans. Black clouds were sprawled across the B the scent of rain was dark and heady that no weather forecast was needed to report that it was going to descend in torrents anytime soon.

Despite it all, he hobbled out of the house with his pace unhurried and unperturbed by gusting wind. Just by one of the windows of the house stood his daughter with a worried frown etched on her young face.

His voice pealed out as his hands rose. “Oh God! I have trusted, served and depended on you from my teen years. So many things have happened that I don’t understand and have questioned, yet I’m still in the dark.” He scrunched his eyes shut. “You know everything that has happened and how it tore me apart. Many a time, I am driven to want to fight back but I can’t go diabolical. When I look at myself and think about my daughter, her fate, my spirit fails. Lord! Lord Almighty, the Creator of the universe, the beginning and the end, your eyes are not blind that you cannot see my situation, your ears are not deaf that you cannot hear my heart cry, your hands are not short that you cannot reach out to the world you created and do justice.”

He gnasht-align: justify;”>He gnashed his teeth in pain as he lowered himself to the muddy ground, one knee at a time.  “I believe your words, in your promises.” He raised an index finger. “You promised me that you will fight for me and I shall hold my peace. Lord, you said hand joined in hand, the wicked shall not go unpunished. You said whatever we sow, that we shall reap. You also said… oh my father…” His voice trailed off and his body trembled. “You said vengeance is yours, you will repay.”

Lightning flashed brightly, followed by the rumble of thunder. “Avenge my adversaries! Avenge my adversaries! You are the hammer that breaks the rock in pieces!” His voice rose as he mustered all the energy within his bony frame. “I have made you my chief warrior, leash out your judgment as you deem fit.” His hands clenched into fists and he shook them emphatically. “Prove to the world that there is always a boomerang effect on every evil done regardless of how long it prevails.”

The lightening shone, illuminating the vicinity and his knees dipped in a muddy pool of water, and then the thunder clapped so violently that his daughter trembled  and slammed both palms over her ears.

Rain descended in crazy chaotic drops, flowing down his creased forehead and wrinkled face but he made no attempt to wipe them. “For my dear child.” It was more like a whisper as he placed his palms together before him. “Bless her. Look upon my little girl and do to her as you will. May she be victorious over every of my battles. May she possess the gates of her enemies.” He bowed and sobbed like a child, his body shook convulsively in pain more of the heart than his injured limb.

She wanted more than anything else to go out and help him up and out of the rain but she had caught the flu, and was certain her father would not appreciate her coming out in the rain especially as there was barely enough to treat her condition if it grew worse.



Hobbling with a stick for support, he entered the kitchen.

She closed the lid of the pot and turned in his direction with a beam. “I’m making breakfast for us. It will be ready in few minutes.” She announced happily before covering the distance between them to adjust the collar of his T-shirt.

“Honey, you should have made for you alone.” He avoided her eyes and the sparkles they mirrored.

“Aw, daddy.” She drawled disapprovingly. “Even if we don’t have, we can manage.”

“I love you, dearie.” He opened his arms and she went in, all smiles. “You are the most wonderful child in the world and a glorious child of the King.”

She chuckled. “I love you, dad.”

He kissed her forehead. “Keep making me proud.”

She gave a mock salute in affirmation and giggled.

His face light up and the resemblance they shared became obvious. Their smile spread out revealing a perfect set of white teeth and gap tooth. “I love you, baby.” He murmured.

She laughed infectiously. “I love you so much.”

His gaze lingered as she got busy. Hurt gnawed as a knowing sadness overwhelmed him. “I’ll be in my room, honey.” Tears filled his eyes as he retreated.



She flicked on the switch and the light illuminated the bedroom. “Breakfast is ready. Daddy, I gave you extra minutes.” She made a face knowing her discussion was enough to wake him for he was a conscious sleeper. “Daddy,” she called and climbed the bed, “your food is set.” She tickled him but the only response was her own laughter.

“Come on, dad. Please stop this.” She tickled him on his sides again, but was met with the earlier silent response. She sobered up as she placed his palm in hers. “You know we’ve been through a lot and this is not the kind of joke that should amuse us.”

She waited and then her brows creased in a frown.

“Daddy!” Panic surged through her. She placed a head on his chest to feel his heartbeat. “No! No!” She shook his head dismissing the jolts of eerie thoughts. Positioning herself on his side, she used all the strength she could muster to do a mouth to mouth resuscitation like she had seen her elder brother do some years back.

She went on and on. Beads of sweat now crowded her face and neck. “Jesus come to my aid.” She muttered between ragged breaths. She went ahead with chest compression, her eyes trained on his face for any flicker of movement.

Tears rolled down her face and in between sobs, she stopped. “Da—ddy… please… you know you can’t do this. You can’t just… just leave me.” Her eyes fluttered upwards. “Oh God, how can you do this to me? How can you? How can you render me so…” Her words trailed off in exchange for a heart wrenching scream.

She was only sixteen years of age.

*** ~~~ ***

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