Happy Sunday, y’all.

I just want to testify.

You know, many times, we think we can only testify when something “big” has happened in our lives. Like we bought a brand new car, like we are pregnant with a baby after TTC for five years, like we finally got engaged at 34 and after a zillion disappointments, like we got that big contract, got a promotion, got a new job, got healed of cancer, fibroid… and all of that.

For us, as Christians, those are recognizable miracle. Awesome miracles. Testifiable miracles. And when we hear such testimonies, we wow and clap and make that joyful noise to the Lord.

And all of that is good.

He did it, so give Him the glory.

But that is not all He’s done. The “big” things are not all He does. The “significantly visible” things are not all He’s doing.  He does the small things too. He does the unseen things too. And those “small” and “unseen” things are the greater miracles.

I am talking beyond you and I waking up every single day and still alive on Planet Earth. I am talking beyond us having not been sick for months, years… Those are “on-the-regular” miracles and sometimes, we remember them and are thankful.

Today, I want to testify. You know, I’ve never climbed an altar anywhere and testified. Now, I am catholic and that is not our style. Not really. But I’ve been blessed to worship in Pentecostal churches and I’ve still not testified. But I’ve been receiving miracles. I guess I’m waiting for the “big” ones  😉

But I’ve gotten, and have been getting, miracles bigger than I imagined. It’s been a slow process of release from heaven above to me and it’s been constant.

This is my testimony.

For more than a year now, Michael and I have been struggling financially. Now, we never got married rich. But we had hopes and for the first two years plus, somehow we survived. We made it through month to month and even had good times.

Then the tough times started about September 2015. It was around the time I released For Better, For Worse. His income from dog sales (he’s a dog breeder) just went dead. Nothing was coming in. All of mine started sinking into family upkeep. All of our plans went on hold. Treatments for infertility and all of that were put on hold. We literally went on a standstill. And that standstill swept through the last quarter of 2015, all of 2016 and these last four months of 2017… and still on.

It was, and is, a situation, I am not familiar with. I don’t come from a rich home but we did okay. And all of a sudden “okay” wasn’t available… and still is not.

I crashed. Mentally, I crashed. Emotionally, I sunk. Spiritually, I died. And physically, I started aging.

Now these are the testimonies.

You know how finances break up relationships and marriages? That didn’t happen to Michael and me. The tougher the times, the closer we became. Suddenly, despite all of my fears and tears and breakdowns, I had this man who would not give up and who was on a unshakeable path to become a better man.

It wasn’t a broke brothers are always loving thingy. I am 39, almost 40, I can tell pretence. I sniff it out  😀

We just started bonding. The bonding that was absent initially started happening. We talked more, fought less, shared each other more. We became a unit.

Then, we never hungered. That is another testimony. We weren’t dining a la carte… but then, we never had 😉 … But we just never went hungry. Sometimes, he made sales and our own money came in and sustained us. But most times, family and a few friends just stood behind us. It was like God had this promise when He’d said: Your table will never be without food. I was even overweight most of 2016…  😀  😀 . We had that much “enough” food.

Then another miracle, I, personally, started undergoing this mental change. You know the greatest obstacle anyone has is how they think? “How a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” True word. I met Pastor David Ibiyeomie, I actually took myself to his church in July 2016 for their Divine Encounter program. And from then on, and slowly but steadily, a renewal of my mind started. It is still, and will forever be, an ongoing process. Learning never ends.

My greatest miracle and testimony is I somehow managed to keep writing. Oh yes, this blog is still here because Michael said to me, several times in more than one year, you are not shutting it down. All those free reads you read all of 2016? It took supernatural grace to keep me writing them. Those I “dumped”… well, I could not respond to grace all the time.

That I published Midnight Dance and Kiss By Moonlight in February 2017, after more than eight months of trying to write them? Huge miracle. Even publishing Unconventional Proposal, Match Made in Heaven and Waiting For Love was a miracle. Because even then, I was already too mentally exhausted to write.

Life and Spices.com survived and I am picking the shreds of regular blogging, that is a miracle. That I, from nowhere, is studying my writing in the last one year and realising I’m losing my touch and need to get back the TM factor, is another miracle.

I just want to testify today that God, only God alone, has been keeping Michael and I for over 19 months. He raised helpers in our stead. He gave us love and unity and he is restoring our minds. Above all, He provided us, me particularly, the grace and strength to go on.

I testify to His glory. He alone did it.

I thank everyone who have willingly given of themselves to us. I thank my family, my mum and sisters, Michael’s family, friends and today in a special way, from our blog family, I want to appreciate Esther and Favour. May God bless you both for never failing to check up on me. For praying for me, for blessing me. God will bless you, forever.

That is my testimony. I know even greater testimonies are coming because God is faithful and His plans for us are for good.

Do you have a testimony? Please, share with us. God bless us all.

I love you all.