Morning folks. How’s everyone doing?

I’ve got a little time on my hands this morning and I need your input on something. I, actually, need your thoughts… as many a thought as you’ll have on this matter.

So, let’s take this scenario: A woman is married to a man she loves “to the moon and back”… borrowing one of ‘em popular languages *wink*. She loves this man a whole lot. They are married and she can’t think of a life without him anymore.

But she starts to notice stuff. He’s absent-minded all of a sudden. He’s getting calls he’s no longer willing to pick in her presence. He’s deleting call histories and text messages… boy! that spikes off her suspicion antenna. She’s a woman after all!

Let’s cut to the chase, no need for the blah-blah-blah in between dramas. She snoops and she finds out… wait for it… that he is the boy who raped her when she was a teenager.

Say what!

Okay folks, let’s get the scenario right puhleaze! She’s married to the man of her dreams, she loves him to bits, their marriage is only five months old… #young love. He gets distracted and she gets snooping and she ends up with this info: he raped her when she was a teenager.

Folks, that’s some shitty story. Excuse my German. But sh*t like that shouldn’t happen to anyone. But… it’s happening to her. That’s her reality now.

Now, I got a question. Say that is you: passionately-in-love wifey and you just got that hair-raising, mind-boggling info… what are you going to do?

The man you love with all that is you and with whom you dreamed of sharing forever and after is the jackass effing asshole who raped you when you were a teenage innocent girl… What are you going to do?

It’s All About Gist and all we do here is talk to one another. Don’t be shy and don’t go sanctimonious, superstitious shitty head on me like: “God forbid! It can’t happen to me. Holy Ghost fire!”

Duh! Girl, I know it can’t happen to you! It’s not your story. It is hers. We are just asking your input.

Dang! Crazy superstitious folks get me going nuts like I’m high on ciga-weed.

Ha-ha-ha. Y’all get the deal-oh, right? ‘Tis just a scenario and I need your mega input. Give me your reactions. Say it! Write it like you’re feeling it! Spare no details! Give as many comments as you please! There’s no limit.

And guys, how do you face a woman you love with everything you’ve got but you are guilty of hurting in the worst  possible way?

All About Gist… let’s get gisting.

Muchos gracias… *wink*

*** ~~~ ***

Hey P.S.

This is a copyrighted story-line, so don’t get your grubby hands scribbling nothing. #Got my eyes on you #Talking to content thieves.