New Year’s Resolutions, do you believe in them?

A New Year’s resolution is now a tradition where someone makes a promise, to oneself and to others, to do an act of self-improvement or something really nice beginning the new year.

How did it begin?

New Year’s resolution started Pre-Christian era, beginning with the Babylonians who made promises to their gods about the month of March and then was changed by the Romans who made promises to their own gods in the month of January. There is also talk about the medieval era when Knights took the peacock vow at the end of the Christmas season each year to reaffirm their commitment to chivalry.

However it all started, today it’s a popular tradition. I don’t quite believe in it, as I have found that before the end of even that first month of January, my resolutions become ‘wishes where beggars never ride’. But this new year, I want and am making a different resolution. Mostly I keep my ‘short-lived’ resolutions private, but I want to share it this time. It’s a trick. I am usually bound by my belief in integrity to keep a promise I’ve publicly made. So, I’m hoping and determined to keep this one.

TM’s New Year’s Resolutions:

To conduct myself with DIGNITY, LOVE, INTEGRITY, PRIDE and DISTINCTION in my duties and talents. And to Approach and Remain in God’s Presence with FAITH, TRUST, HUMILITY, LOVE and EXCELLENCE IN PRAYER.


That is mine. I hope you share yours. Have a Happy and Prosperous 2016.