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    And It’s almost Here

    And finally, tomorrow we will have Advent, Mystical Encounters 1, take its stand.

    I have this ‘I can’t believe it’s happening’ feeling going on, and it’s right there for a couple of reasons. Topping the short list is that I didn’t know I could write again. Writing stories has always been a constant for me for close to thirty years. It doesn’t matter that I’ve not done anything big with it, but I write and enjoy doing so. Then what happened happened and for the first time I was scared to write. I couldn’t do it, and hated doing it for long months. It was all made worse by the fact that prior to these ‘dark non-writing days’ I was already struggling in a big way due to a series of emotional stress.

    I thought I would never write again. I thought I probably shouldn’t be writing. I stopped writing. But there are people put in your life to restore your faith in you. And I had these people, and slowly but surely, they shoved me back on my writing feet. It wasn’t easy, but to hung in there, speaking soft words of encouragement, snarled when needed, until I started to believe again.

    Also, I went through the ‘I probably shouldn’t be writing about sorcerers, dark powers and a series about light vs. dark’ feeling. I was going to can the idea of Mystical Encounters and just go back to my Romance stories. But two things happened. The first is that these amazing people, again, reminded me I should write what I love. That’s what writers do, write what they love and believe in. And soaring on this reminder, I recalled I have never wanted Romance to be all I write. Not from the very first time I wrote a story.

    I’ve always wanted to be a multi-genre writer and I said to myself, ‘by God, Theo, you’re going to be one!’ And here I am, about to release the first book of my Fantasy series.

    Thank you to all the amazing people. Thank you for readers who believe in me. Thank you, Lord, for your ever-present inspiration. And thank you, Theo, for writing again.

    Advent, Mystical Encounters 1, coming: 16 October 2019!

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  • Reply David Iyke October 15, 2019 at 3:39 pm

    Thanks for the flexibility
    Once a good writer, always a go writer
    Keep it up God is your strength!

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