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Make a Move!

Make a move… don’t just standstill and accept the present situation. It has been a blessed week for me and my family, and for all who were a part of the 5 Nights of Glory 2017 all over the world….


Midnight Dance

SHE wheeled her suitcase down the lone street. She needed to find a hotel; definitely not one in these parts. She couldn’t afford any here. She couldn’t afford… Prue broke off her thoughts, let go off the handle of the…


Kiss By Moonlight

CHAPTER ONE ♥  ‘LOVE is out there. Be bold. Be adventurous.’ That was what she was doing, being bold, being adventurous and going after love—which was, at present, right in front of her now. Only instead of being cuddled in…


Phantom Caller

The phone rang. Reena picked it. “Hello.” “I’m at the door.” “Come to the door.” “Who are you?” “I’m waiting.” The call clicked off. Reena dropped the phone and stared at the door. She shifted her gaze to the wall…

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