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Giveaway… get lucky!

It’s another Giveaway get-lucky day, yay! Yay!! Yay!!! Yes, we are publishing two new novellas — Midnight Dance & Kiss By Moonlight. OMG! It’s happened again at last!!! Yeah right, I heard someone say that in my head. Lol. Midnight…


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – 4

LSDL EPISODES RESOLUTIONS “First, revelations; then come resolutions.” * * *  FRIDAY 16 DECEMBER, 2016. KUFRE’S APARTMENT, UYO. MORNING. * * * “Senator Cornelia Pius-Mbata is your…” Kufre struggled for the right word and finally, sputtered. “’She’s the woman who…


Make a Move!

Make a move… don’t just standstill and accept the present situation. It has been a blessed week for me and my family, and for all who were a part of the 5 Nights of Glory 2017 all over the world….


Midnight Dance

SHE wheeled her suitcase down the lone street. She needed to find a hotel; definitely not one in these parts. She couldn’t afford any here. She couldn’t afford… Prue broke off her thoughts, let go off the handle of the…

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