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Ndubuisi – 5

NO one is better than you. We are all equal. That is how God made us all: equal. She always trusted her mother’s words. She grew up thinking of them as words filled with wisdom. But this morning, after she…


Ant Hill – 11

AH EPISODES ELEVEN ♣ WE’D agreed to meet beside the Nursery chamber, right after Kaza would have been done with her nightly march around the Hill and just before she might decide to begin another march. “This is very dangerous….


Welcome to June

 is here. Hurray!!! Welcome to the best month of the year. May you enjoy the very best of 2017. To all, birthday celebrants and everyone, happy new month and a blessed each day of this amazing month. Keep smiling, keep…


Ndubuisi – 4

THE sun was eager to exhibit its competency, it seemed. It was an hour off midday and yet, the sun had taken a centred spot on the skies and was blazing its beams mercilessly on those who dared to brave…


Ant Hill – 10

AH EPISODES TEN ♣ TOKI chatted animatedly as we marched on towards the Queen’s chamber. As usual he was brimming with excitement. And as was usual for me, I was both baffled and irritated by his incomprehensible exhilaration. What did he…


Ant Hill – 9

AH EPISODES NINE ♣ *ZITA* ♣ DOGA had summoned her! Zita knew she should feel apprehensive that the head of her unit and the third in command after the Queen and Kaza had, for the first time ever, summoned her….

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