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My Heart’s Song – 7

MHS EPISODES CHAPTER SEVEN  ♫  JETH sidled through the throng of exiting worshippers and paced his steps when he came side by side of her. “Bless you, Sister.” Shiloh angled her head. Then rolled her eyes at him. “Did you at…


Welcome to March

Welcome to the month of March. It is the marching month where we all march, like the Saints in heaven, into our different places of glory. This is a new beginning, a fresh start, a new chance to do something…

Soul Train

A little Word: FAITH

FAITH is not about everything turning out okay. FAITH is about being okay, no matter how things turn out. *** The usual has happened: No Power… since Friday! Nothing to work with. Wishing you all a blessed Sunday and a…

Sex Talk

Sex: Pleasure or Torture?

Hey people, it’s another Thank-God-it’s-Friday and we are at Let’s talk Sex chat post again. How’s the week been for you? Already on your way home after putting in a hard day? Whatever the case, get in here, relax and…


My Heart’s Song – 5

MHS EPISODES CHAPTER FIVE  ♫  JETH had thought of her all week long. He had spoken with her more times than he’d imagined himself capable of speaking with anyone over the phone. She never forgot to tease him that he…

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