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Ricochet of Cataclysm – 2

ROC EPISODES TWO *-* Katherine Sylvester alighted from the bus, clutching the duffel bag handle on her shoulder. With her free hand, she straightened the black dress she had on with its yellow belt strapped around her waist. A yellow…


It’s Friday… yay!

Friday is said to have gotten its name from the old English word: Frīġedæġ, which means: Day of Frige. This, of course, is according to Wikipedia. And it further says that Friday is associated, in many cultures, with the goddess…


SomeThing New

Hello, guys, It’s been a long, long while, hasn’t it? Well, we brought the story to an end, once again, on Who Killed Dana Bala? and now, we should be all set for something else… at least, that’s the way…


Who Killed Dana Bala? – 7

WKDB EPISODES SEVEN  ▪ ♦ ▪  WHILE Fr. Chrys was listening with horrified stupefaction to Sister Clara’s narration, downtown at the teaching hospital CSP Charles Kanayo was with Dr Chikelu, the Pathologist. Charles stood beside the autopsy table and Dana’s…

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