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    Just Deserts – excerpt 3

    Chester Benson was getting married.

    In his office at the Computer Solutions main shop where he often worked unless something took him to the store at Water Lines, Chet said the words again in his head and decided it still felt surreal.

    She was going to be his forever. Kammara.

    Even her name spoken in his mind sent his heart racing with a flood of emotions. He loved her in all the ways a man could love a woman. He wanted her in a steady insatiable way that told him he would never have enough of her.

    She was everything beautiful to him. And boy, was she beautiful, Chet mused, his body tightening as the image of her in the sexy red dress she’d worn last night played in his mind.

    Her body, a gorgeous medley of pure dark brown satiny skin, svelte curves and a cute round face with the most sensual plump lips always made his mouth water.

    He could have her now and want her the next minute. And it had been his biggest surprise, his highest pleasure, to discover he was her first. Chet wanted to be her only forever; which probably was chauvinistic and self-serving. But he wanted to be the only man to love her and possess her body.

    Still, that pleasurable bit was the least reason he wanted her in his life forever.

    There was so much more he loved about her. Her courage, for one, which Chet considered was most remarkable in her losing both parents during her teenage years and wasn’t in any significant way maimed by the loss.

    Then there was her non-consuming ambition. She had a career path set for herself, but didn’t let it rule her beyond all else. Finally, he loved—well, admired her independent nature, even if her self-sufficiency could be frustrating when, as a man, he felt the need to take care of his woman.

    That would surely change when she became his wife and fully his to provide for, Chet thought.

    Wife. Chet grinned at the word.

    And Frank, his younger brother by two years, lawyer since he’d insisted Chet needed one, and best friend because they’d grown up side by side, strode inside bearing his laptop in hand, strode into his office at that moment.

    “What are you grinning about?” he demanded. “By the way, you were right, Zeke has this baby running like its brand new.”

    Chet regarded the long-legged lanky man who he liked to think was a taller and slimmer version of him with familiar affection and decided to shock him.

    “Franklin Benson, I am getting married.”

    Frank stopped halfway from plopping into a chair and gaped at him. “What? Are you serious?”

    Chet grinned. “Dead serious. I proposed to Kammara last night and she said yes.”

    “Holy shit! I knew you were crazy over her, but… well, I don’t know. I’ve been waiting for you to do your usual thing of letting the woman go and moving to another, but weeks went into months, and more months.”

    Frank shook his head, like he still couldn’t believe the news. “You are getting married. Good God! Man, you’re getting married!”

    Giving a holler, Frank rounded the desk to pull him up and hug him with back pats. “Chester Chidi Benson is getting married!”

    Chet laughed. “My head’s been running through that same exact thought.”

    “It’s shocking. Big ass gigantic shocking. But it’s definitely a good thing. Congratulations, man. I’m happy for you, and I got to say you couldn’t have chosen a better woman.

    “Kammara is the complete package—sexy, smart and sociable and cooks like she’s a pro chef. And I bet she checks other boxes you never told me about.” Frank grinned as he tipped up his thumb. “You’ve done good, big brother.”

    “I know I have.” Chet nodded, settled back in his chair. “You do know you get to fill the best man slot, don’t you?”

    “Well sure, who better?”

    “Good. That one is out of the way. I want to start on the planning as soon as possible. I need to call Mum and Dad, talk to Donna, and then get in touch with her brother. He’s resident in Abuja and so I might have to fly over to see him.”

    “In a hurry, aren’t you?”

    “I want us married and together before the year’s over. There are days I don’t even think I can live without her.”

    “She’s got you that bad, huh? Anyway, it’s all good. As your best man, I’m here for whatever you need. Meanwhile, you know Beko is popping the bottle over his new whip today, right?”

    Beko was a big boy oil worker with a weakness for cars, and he’d made the invitation to his party via WhatsApp.

    “Yeah, but I don’t think I can make it.”

    “Why not?”

    “I’ve got work here.”

    “Oh man, that’s a poor excuse. You know your boys can handle things whether you’re here or not.”

    “Maybe. But I prefer to be here. Besides, I’ve got plans with Kammara for this evening and will be picking her up from her lecture centre around five. I doubt whatever Beko has planned will be over by then.”

    “Dude, you can’t refuse to go, and especially now you’re getting married. You celebrate with others, they feel happy, and are obligated to celebrate with you. And,” Frank added before his protest could leap out. “I don’t want to be there without you. You know those guys are mad. They do mad stuff and I need someone stopping me from joining in.”


    “No preaching, no more excuses. Just say yes. You used to love stuff like this. And you have to take into cognizance that since you started playing the good guy with Kammara, I’ve restrained from bugging you into going to any. Today, I’m asking you because I want to be there and I need you there with me.”

    He didn’t really want to go. Not so much because of his plans with Kammara, but more because he wasn’t in the mood for loud music, alcohol and big talks, which would be in excess at Beko’s. Still, it was Frank and brotherhood, plus friendship, deserved a certain level of loyalty.

    “Okay, you’ve convinced me. Let me call Kammara and let her know you’re twisting my arm to attend this party.”

    “Tell her I’m taking you to celebrate your engagement.”

    The call was picked at first ring.

    “Hey, beautiful.” Chet cooed, just her voice in his ear sent his groin tensing with need. “Have I told you this morning how much I love you?”

    “Oh shit! Don’t start that. Give me that phone.” Reaching across the desk, Frank snatched the phone off his hand. “Hey, Kammara. I heard the big news and I just want to say a big thank you to you for saying yes to this un-eligible bachelor. He may not tell you, but you’re doing a brave thing.”

    Chet snorted. And Frank shot him a grin.

    “He’s looking put out here because I’m telling you the truth. Anyway, my best wishes. My brother could not have chosen a better woman.” He listened, chuckled and jerked a nod. “I say it only because it’s the truth. You’re welcome to the family.” Another chuckle. “Okay, let me hand you back to the scowling man here. Congrats again, Kammara.”

    “She will speak to you now.” He held the phone to him.

    “She was speaking to me before you interrupted,” Chet growled. Then smiled as he returned the phone to his ear. “Hey, babe. Where was I before Frank nosed in? Aha, I was telling you how much I love you.”

    “I love hearing you say that. I hope I get to hear it always.”

    “You will. That’s a promise.” God, how could he want her so much? “Uh, a bit of our plan will be changing. Frank—and he conveniently failed to mention it.”

    “I was leaving you to mention it,” Frank quipped.

    “Mention what?” Kammara asked in his ear.

    “Beko bought a new whip and is celebrating hard. So, we’re all heading towards Omagwa now. I’m not sure when I’ll get out of there, but I’ll definitely see you this evening, only I can’t pick you after you’re done with lectures.”

    “That’s all right. Big congratulations to Beko and you guys have fun.”

    “I’ll arrange Jumbo to pick you.”

    “That’s not necessary. I’ll grab a cab myself. We’ll see later.”

    “You sure you don’t want Jumbo coming to pick you? It will be easier.”

    “It’s just as easier getting a cab right in front of the building. Stop worrying about me, I’ll be fine. You guys enjoy.”

    “Okay, I’ll see you in the evening for sure. Love you.”

    “Love you back.”

    He waited for her to end the call before rising to slip the phone in his pocket.

    “You know your face gets all mushy when you’re talking to her?”

    “It’s called love, Frank.”

    “It’s called losing your mind,” Frank retorted. “I should have known she had you whipped, because you’ve been wearing that lovesick puppy-eyed look the last three months at least.”


    Laughing, Frank rose, pulled his laptop off the table. “I’ll see you in a bit. Get your ass ready to have some fun before you get hooked and noosed.”

    “Yeah, out of my office. I got work to do before I bail.”

    But after he left, Chet sat back and thought about what Frank had said. It wasn’t just three months he’s been in love with Kammara. He liked to think he’s been falling in love with her slowly from the first moment they met nine months ago.

    He liked to think he would keep falling in love with her every day for the rest of his life. Of their lives together.


    When a man loves a woman, there’s nothing he would not do for her. But does that include killing the man who raped her?… JUST DESERTS… Coming Soon.

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    Scintillating and intriguing, can’t wait for the whole thing.
    Well done TM

  • Reply Favour February 6, 2020 at 12:10 pm

    This suspense is killing

  • Reply mobolaji February 6, 2020 at 4:00 pm

    You are such a terrific writer. The suspense is killing….

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