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Let’s choose a cover

It’s countdown to just days now and Operation Stop The Wedding will be republished. It’s been retouched, revamped and reworded with a bigger zing and a writing style to charm your heart *wink* *wink* But… I’ve got two covers, designed…


Glimpse: Operation stop the Wedding! – 1b

Reginald joined the swarming Ahmadu Bello Way traffic with an expression that narrowed his eyes to slits and tightened his mouth into a forbidden line. Tough-skinned, career-focused, straight-to-the-top-of-the-ladder workaholic women like Ms Alexandra rattled his teeth. They were like armadillo…

Guest Story

Unfinished Business

Dear Diary, Today, the seventh day of October in the year of Our Lord 2017, I remember him. I do, that always smiling, laid back and soft spoken Doctor Subar; my handsome knight in the sparkling white lab coat. If…


Wisdom on Courage

Wisdom from Pastor David Ibiyeomie: *~* * * * Your perspective will determine how far you will go in life. Renew your mind to think like the child of God. An undeveloped mind is very unfruitful and yields no result. *~*…

Just Life

Be You… Do You

I have someone in my life and I just came across some thought he left for someone, and it made my mouth curve with a smile and some kind of calm, that wasn’t there before, settle in my spirit. I…

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