• Magic Romance

    A Slice Of Heaven – 22

    There was a nice feeling to knowing a man was driving behind her, keeping his hot, steady gaze on her while she rode her motorcycle down a somewhat busy street.

    Well, maybe his gaze wasn’t hot, or entirely steady on her, as he had to keep his mind and eyes clear and focused on other road users. But it still gave Anya a nice buzz just to know he’d chosen to drive behind her, and did so until they arrived at his gate.

    Of course, nice buzzes tended to lose some of their thrill when you found the scornful stare of a judgmental mind fixed on you.

    It was Okwudili aiming the scornful stare as she made her way back into their yard while Anya waited for Saz to open the gate. The sneer in her eyes made it clear what she thought of her presence there.

    “Good evening, Okwudili,” Anya called out cheerfully.

    Her reply was a humph, a tightening of her lips and another sneering stare she tossed in Saz’s direction before marching off into their yard, and right through the side entranceway.

    “You should ignore her,” Saz said, coming over to give her hand a rub. “It shouldn’t matter to you what she, or anyone else, thinks.”

    “And it doesn’t. Only next time we talk about Okey, she will add this to her usual pile of insults.” Because Okwudili’s thoughts, or insults, didn’t really matter, Anya shot him a smile. “Are you waiting for me to drive in before you do?”

    “Well, naturally.” His own smile flashed. “They say it’s ladies first, don’t they?”

    “So they do,” Anya agreed, barely holding off the temptation to kiss that sexy smile around his sexy mouth.

    “Your gaze lingering on my mouth is making me want to hurl you off that bike and crushing you against me,” he said, his eyes heating up with unbridled lust.

    “Tempting. Oh boy, so tempting. But I think we will fare better, if you crush me against you inside the house, not out here.” Suddenly desperate to get inside, she started the motorcycle, and forced her eyes off him long enough to drive through the gate and find a spot to park.

    He drove in a moment later, took care of the gate, and then slid his arm around her as he led her into the house.

    The second he had the door locked and turned to face her, Anya looped her arms around his neck, drew his head down and slammed her mouth on his. And sighed in her throat.

    Oh, the utter masculine taste of him, it did something to her. She couldn’t remember ever having such an insatiable craving to taste and devour a man’s mouth. To taste and devour all of him. She wanted her hands on every part of him. His hands on every part of her. And not just his hands.

    Groaning with a heady hunger, she weaved her hands down to his shirt, attacked his buttons, and shoved the cotton fabric off his shoulders.

    “Oh God, the way you make me feel,” he muttered hoarsely around her mouth.

    “That, I think, should be my line,” Anya said, dipping her head to plant kisses into his hairy chest. “Darn, I love chest hair. So manly. So, so manly.”

    “And you’re making me want to whimper with what you’re doing,” he groaned. Then he hissed out a breath when she bit his nipple. “I need to touch you, now.”

    His hands gripped her waist, swept her around and crammed her against the wall, one hand snapping open the button and zipper of her jeans before he dug into her underwear.

    “Oh God, yes!” Anya cried out, stretching with need as his fingers pleasured her.

    She came on another cry, and then let out a long, lusty sigh as she smiled up at him. “You have magical fingers, anyone ever tell you that?”

    Saz grinned. “I once got nominated for the magical fingers award. But since I’d won the magical mouth and dick awards, they thought it fair to pass that one to another participant.”

    Her quick laughter bubbled out. “How thoughtful of them.”

    “Quite so.” Enjoying the merriment in her eyes, Saz pressed a kiss on her mouth. “Give me a minute to turn on the generator, and then rustle us up some dinner before we finish.”

    “I wouldn’t mind the generator on as it’s getting dark in here, but you don’t have to bother with making dinner.” She trailed her fingers down his back. “I’d rather we spend the time we have doing other pleasurable things.”

    “All right. But next time, I will have dinner ready.” Saz kissed her again before stepping away to pick up his shirt and then turn to switch on the rechargeable lantern and grab the torchlight. “I’ll be right back. You can take this up to the bedroom, if you want. Or wait for me, and we’ll find our way together.”

    “I’ll be waiting for you, in bed.” Shooting him a wink, she took the lantern and turned in the direction of the stairs.

    Saz quelled the desire to go after her, slip his arms around her and press her tight against him. It wasn’t just lust, he wanted this woman in ways he had never wanted another woman.

    “Oh, man, you’re in so much trouble,” he muttered, and forced his legs to move and in the right direction.

    He took a bottle of wine and crackers up with him when he was done. He may not have dinner, but there was no way he was having her stay a couple of hours with him without providing them some form of nourishment other than sex.

    And he very nearly dropped the tray when he saw her gloriously naked on his bed.

    While he managed to steady the tray, he couldn’t stop the blast of raw lust which tightened his body. Or the soft groan from straining out of his mouth, “You are, and I say this without any intention to flatter, the most beautiful woman I ever had the honour to behold naked.”

    Her smile came quick and sultry. “I’m glad you like what you’re seeing.”

    “I like it, a whole lot.”

    “So, how about you come closer and see if you can enjoy it, a whole lot?” She patted the space beside her. “I want you right here. And you can pour the wine, so we’ll have a taste of it before we focus on tasting each other.”

    He set the tray on the bedside table, opened the wine and poured half glasses for both of them. Then watched her as she drained her own glass, her eyes locked on his.

    “Something sensual about you drinking wine and looking into my eyes,” Saz murmured, feeling the curl of need tighten. “You mesmerize me; for some reason. I don’t know why. I keep telling myself this should only be about sex, but it’s not. I want you in ways that surprise, and even bewilder me.”

    He leaned down and kissed her, tasted the sweet and tangy taste of the wine on her lips. “I like your mouth so much. The way it curves with a smile, the soft feel of it when I kiss you. The way it tastes.” He kissed her again, tasted more than the wine this time. “I want to make love to you. I want to take my time to touch you, kiss you, become one with you.”

    “I was all set for wild, hot sex, but I think I’m enthralled by the promise of romance.” She took his glass and set it against his mouth, tilting it up for him to drink. “You’re constantly a pleasant surprise, Saz. I expect one thing and seem to get so much more.”

    Saz winced slightly as his felt his heart give a nervous jump. “I fear I’m going to disappoint you one day. I wish I wouldn’t, but some things are inevitable.”

    There was a pause, a flicker in her eyes, and then she allowed her smile to flirt. “But you are not going to disappoint me this evening, are you?”

    “No.” He took the empty glasses from her and set them back on the tray, then took off his shirt and trousers before he climbed on the bed and stretched out beside her, angling his elbow to hold his body up. “For this evening, and anytime we’re together intimately, I hope never to disappoint you.”

    Raising his hand, he traced a finger along her bottom lip. And surprised that his finger trembled slightly, he dropped his head and fitted their mouths together, kissing her slowly, allowing the taste of her to fill him, and seduce him.

    “I love how you kiss,” she whispered when he lifted his head.

    Her eyes were soft and glazed over with lust. “I love how you look when I kiss you,” Saz murmured, and stroked his lips over hers, adding a soft bite. “I’ve never met a woman so open with her desires. You don’t hide who you are, what you feel, or what you want.”

    “I don’t find a reason to, seeing as I’m a full-grown woman.” She pressed into him. “Make love to me, Saz. I want you so much.”

    “Not as much as I want you.” Which was a damn scary thing.

    But it was lust, not fear, which led him when he took her mouth in a long, sensuous kiss, pouring his indefinable desire for her into every stroke. The taste of her filled him, and yet wouldn’t…or couldn’t satisfy him.

    It was as if the more he took, the more he wanted. Where his lips failed to get enough, he let his tongue take, but even the erotic twirls, which tore loud moans from them, weren’t enough.

    “I need to have every single part of you,” Saz rasped, pushing off her mouth to stare dazedly at her. “Every delicious part of you.”

    As it was his favourite thing to do, one he could barely resist, he pressed a kiss on her neck. When she leaned into the kiss, he repeated the soft stroke, and slid his down to cup her breast, squeezing gently.

    Her breath hitched, purring out in a needy whimper. “Take it in your mouth. I want to feel your mouth on it. I want to feel you inside me with your mouth on it.”

    It was an erotic plea, and it slammed hot need into him. Saz groaned as he lowered his head to capture her breast into his mouth, and then shifted his other hand to twirl his thumb on her other nipple.

    “Oh, damn, yes,” she whimpered, arching against him, her hands roaming his back. “You feel so good. So damn good.”

    Blunt nails dug into his skin, and Saz groaned at the sheer pleasure of having her hands tear at him. “Not as good as you feel.” Lifting his head, he slammed his mouth on hers, kissing her with the ferocious need she’d set off.

    His blood was roaring when he tore his lips from hers, heaved up to drag off his boxers and reached into the drawer to get a condom and slide it on.

    “I have a feeling I’m failing to give you slow and romantic, but you drive me beyond thought with need and I can’t hold back.”

    “I don’t want you holding back. I want you, period.” Eyes fiery with lust, she took hold of his hand, ran it down her body and straight on her pulsing centre. “That there is evidence of how much I want you.”

    The wanton look in her eyes thrilled Saz, and he allowed himself the pleasure to stroke the pulsing heat before adjusting to settle himself between her legs. But his body was desperate with need, so he took hold of her and thrust into the delicious heat, groaning at the utterly marvellous way she clutched around him.

    “Perfect. That’s how you feel,” he murmured before he took her mouth.

    And wanting that perfect feeling to last as long as it could, he slowed his pace, holding off his completion until he could no longer do so.

    Neither of them said anything for a full minute afterwards, and although he was reluctant to disengage their bodies, Saz knew he had to dispose of the protection before it became a risk when he completely lost his erection.

    So, he slid out of her, and murmured as he got off the bed, “Give me a minute to take care of this.”

    He was back less than that time, and with a towel for her. “Want some more wine?”

    “Maybe later.” Her voice was a touch drowsy, but she took the towel from him, used it before stretching her curvy length against his body. “That was amazing.”

    Saz grinned. “Thank you, not that I am after getting compliments.”

    “Really?” Her eyes were amused “You’re not the sort of man who wants to know how he did after sex?”

    “I will know how I did from the look in her eyes, and the state of her body when we’re done.”

    “And what’s the look in my eyes right now?”

    “There’s fun in your eyes.” Saz was staring into them, thinking he would always want to look in them and see laughter. “But right behind the amusement is the soft glow of pure satisfaction. Plus your body feels nicely languid, lazy and warm.”

    “I see you’re a man who’s studied the aftermath of good sex.”

    “Not really,” Saz said seriously. “But I do like the look on you.”


    She said nothing more, and for the next minute, or two, he didn’t too. Then he brought up a little worry he’d had earlier. “You said something about Okwudili insulting you earlier on.”

    He felt rather than saw her shoulders lift in a shrug. “It means nothing; not to me. She likes to work on offending me enough, so I’ll lose interest in Okey. But that’s not going to happen as I refuse to let her petty insults get to me.”

    “That boy shouldn’t grow up under her care. Under both their care.” The words were out before Saz could stop them, and he frowned as he wondered if he wanted to broach the subject with Anya.

    “No, he shouldn’t. But I still can’t figure out how to get him away from them.”

    “You want to take him?”

    “I would, if they would let me. I’ve tried to a number of times, but Okwudili insists Iloba won’t give him up except to a family member.” She made a low scornful sound. “That may be true, but she’s content to have him as her price-free house boy.”

    “I will take him.”

    “What?” With a quick movement, she raised her head to stare at him. “You will take Okey–as in become his guardian?”

    Saz didn’t quickly respond, he stared at her instead, checking if he’d made the statement right now to impress her. But he hadn’t. He’d faced Iloba with the same idea, talked it over with Uchenna, and realised now, as he pondered over his motive, that he actually wanted to take the boy.

    “Yes,” he said finally, reaching out to caress her face since she was still watching him. “I’m a family member and if I indicate interest to take him, and can prove Iloba and his wife are not doing a good job, I might get support from other family members.”

    “Are you serious about this?”

    “It appears I am.” Saz leaned down to kiss her, because he couldn’t resist her mouth. “I don’t know if I will make a good guardian though. I mean, a good parent. What do I know about bringing up a child?”

    “What does anyone know of it until they become parents?” she countered softly. “I think parenting is having an idea what you want to give your child, and then learning and perfecting your skills and methods as you go. It’s like every other relationship, it requires commitment and love more than anything else.”

    “Commitment and love?” Did he have that for the boy? For anything other than his personal ambitions?

    Anya saw the doubt on his face and smoothed a hand over it. “You should think it through. Be sure before you approach your family with the idea.”

    “I have kind of made the first move. I confronted Iloba over the matter a little over a week ago.”

    “You did?” Anya hadn’t expected that particular confession. “And how did he react?”

    He gave a shrug. “Not well. Which is not at all surprising as our families don’t relate well. While there’s no real malice, there’s tendency for either side of the family not to interfere in the affairs of the other.”

    Anya was familiar with stories of persistent distance between the Isichei and Nwadialor families who are offshoot of two brothers.

    “Well, you may have confronted him, but it doesn’t mean you have inadvertently committed yourself to doing anything about the situation. I still suggest you think well about this.”

    “I want to do it. For Okey.”

    And there, the doubt was gone, replaced now by a resolute look. It touched Anya, deeper than she was comfortable with. “He would like it. Okey, he would be so happy to leave that house, and probably would like the thought of living with you. He does see you as some kind of generous uncle who drives him to school and provides him with regular breakfast.”

    “I hope I don’t fail him. I hope this would be the right thing for him.” He blew out a short breath. “And more than that, I hope the family will back me up. Maxwell Isichei doesn’t care to interfere in such matters, but I will need his support as the head of our side of the family.”

    “Maxwell Isichei?”

    “My father’s brother. With my father gone, he’s now the head of the Isichei family.”

    “And you call him Maxwell Isichei, or your father’s brother, and not your uncle?”

    “That’s his name and who he is.”

    Anya stared at him, wondering if this was the right time to ask the many questions scrambling in her head. Or if she should altogether let them go.

    “Not this evening.”

    “What?” She blinked at him. “What shouldn’t happen this evening?”

    “I can sense that you want to talk about my family, and possibly my relationship with them. But I don’t want to talk about them. Not anymore. I’ve only got a few minutes left with you, and I’d rather spend the time doing more pleasurable things.”

    Anya grinned at him borrowing her words. “Well, family talk can wait another time, I guess. So,” she reached up a finger and trailed it across his lip. “What can you do in a few minutes?”

    “Oh, a whole lot. Starting with this.” He caught her finger, kissed it before he rolled on top of her and claimed her mouth.

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