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  1. SAMPLE:


    I blah blah blah blah.

    Lol. Like that.

  2. toyenlon says:

    For better for worse.
    It’s one book i wont forget in a hurry. One of the things i love in the book is that it teaches couples not to assume any bad thing about their spouse but rather to ask questions when in doubt. Dont just jump to conclusions, it leads to complications.

  3. bola says:

    It shows the power of communication. In any relationship their must be good communication. Just talk, talk & talk. I wish many couples can read this. There are lots of relationship that breaks because its lack of communication.
    I love this story because I learn from it. Chai TM, you are gifted

  4. jeffreyjamez says:

    For better for worse is a best seller….. it was so good I had to stay up all night to read it…..and so good that I read it TWICE!!…. TM is the Bomb!!

  5. Mystiq18 says:

    shows the life of many couples in our society. Falling for the option of getting a divorce without first trying to salvage whatever is left of their relationship.
    Communication and trust is the basic key of a relationship and the book teaches the outcome of its lack.Asking questions pays better than assuming. I really love this story.

  6. Omolola says:

    Hmm… so I read for better for worse and I was impressed. You can never overemphasize to importance of communication in a relationship. Even in friendship, much less marriage…. communicate and you save yourself a lot of headache. Great read TM… so we are both married to a Michael

  7. jeffreyjamez says:

    So I just finished reading Never Let You Go…!…..if you thought FBFW was good!….. NLYG is times infinity of that shade of good!!!!……. from the intelligient,witty and funny Convos, to the twist and turns, and the GREEEEEAAT PLOT!…… This book is a best seller!!!!!!…. I read it Twice!!!…. Twice!!….TM, I am lucky to be born in this generation of great reads of yours!!!…

    If you have not purchased this book…you’re on a loooooooong thing!!!

  8. Adefunke says:

    A great read actually, couldn’t leave it until I read the last page, its a pity how we quickly make conclusions on matters without giving each other the benefits of the doubt or going to the root of the matter, all the same it had a great ending and am happy for the parties involved. The storm was great! Ma’m weldone, expecting moreee…

  9. Pacesetter says:

    i couldn’t stop till I finished reading it. it’s a great story dat helps d couple a lot, even in any relationship, always study and listen to give d benefits of doubt. Good work. more wisdom.

  10. Mystiq18 says:


    yaaahhhh, I finally finished…thank God I made it to church and it took grace to pay attention too.

    Tobi-papa and anwi really had their village forces against them…lol…a great lessons on Pride, trust n rational conclusions. Thanks T.M #runningifftonextebook #itsTMday

  11. Roselyn says:

    Hmmmmmmm! NLYG! Couldn’t help not over salt/burnt my food cos I wouldn’t let the story go either. I love Anwuli’s fighting spirit. She won cos she was determined, sincere and had people with good heart around her. TM, your writing skill is great!!! There is always a great lesson in all your write up that I been privileged to read. Roll it on!!!!

  12. Sylvia says:

    Never let you go.
    Twas an amazing story. I love the way you linked operation stop the wedding too in it, love d suspense surrounding d missing mails.
    I was scared stiff almost to tears during d yatch accident because i thought u wanted a twist at d end and not the usual happy endings.
    I wish Kanayo had a happy ending too and Tatiana got off too easily abeg i wanted her to get it hard.
    Cant wait for the next “unconventional proposal” it seems so faaaaar

  13. Toyenlon says:

    Never let you go
    It’s a great read, i was so engrossed in the book from the beginning to the end. Anwuli’s persistence and resilience finally paid off cos she got the happy ending she fought for. In short, its a great lesson to be persistent and pursue your goal without giving up at the sight of obstacles. More grace to you TM.

  14. Aanu says:

    I purchased NLYG ebook but yet to get it.pls help tm

    • First Aanu, this page is solely dedicated to readers’ reviews on eBooks read and not for complaints.

      Now, I apologise about your not having received the eBook. How did you make your purchase? Via the LS eBookstore? Via direct transfer into my account? Or via Okadabooks? Please send me a mail on how: tmdavidwest@gmail.com and we’ll resolve this.

      Thank you.

  15. bola says:

    Wow! I just finished reading Never let you go. It is amazing. I love Anwuli spirit for not let it go & make it work. TM, I love ur stories. I read Unbreak My Heart, I said this is good. I read Operation Stop The Wedding, I said where av u been since all dis yrs. I read Take Me As I Am, you wow me. I read FBFW, I said you are blessed. Now, I read TMU & NLYG, all I could say is that YOU ARE AMAZING. Thank u TM u rock always.

  16. Sara says:

    So I purchased match made in heaven, never let you go, unconventional proposal and waiting for love at the same time. Read them all within two days as they were just too riveting. Each book comes with its unique twists that makes it special but my favorite was unconventional proposal. I loved how two people from different walks of life somehow found love in the strangest circumstances. Kudos to you TM, you’re an amazing writer and I can’t wait to read more of your books. God bless this talent He gave you and may your creative juices never run dry.

    • Amen to your gracious prayers. Thank you for this review and I am so proud that you enjoyed Unconventional Proposal… makes the years of work put into it worth it. Thanks

  17. Tosin says:

    I bought Unconventional proposal yesterday on okadabooks. It kept me glued to my seat till i finished reading it. Its a recommended buy for anyone. Am going back to read it again and your other novels that i bought. Good job ma’am.

  18. Unconventional proposal.
    It teaches a lot on love, patience, family values, fate, virtues etc.
    You nailed it.
    I highly recommend this ebook.

  19. Roselyn says:

    TM, you rock! You rock!! And I mean you Rock!!! Hmmmmm! Just finished reading UP. I clapped, I laughed so hard and I cried too. I love Kelechi, he is a gentle man, with unique and amazing character for someone in his level. My Sammie, I love and respect that character as a lady. I actually learnt a lot from her. Tobe, Ofure, Ralph Mr Clem and the rest were all unique in their respective way. TM, your creativity and writing skill wows me. Keep it up and may God continue to lift you higher in all that you do.

  20. Match Made in Heaven
    I so love the story. Love happens even in unconventional avenues.
    Thumb up from me.

  21. Waiting for love.
    It is a must read.
    God bless you TM and more wisdom.

  22. Roselyn says:

    Tall Glass Of Red Wine! Hmmmm! Scary? Yes! But very educating, epecially about the choices we make and the things we so much desire for. TM, you too much.

  23. Roselyn says:

    Love, can come in the most awkward way. Especially those that stares at you,without you noticing. It is a sweet strange flame that burns down every stumbling block. Waiting For Love is a must grab, so go for it. Thanks our gracious Lady.

  24. Nykky says:

    I’ve read all the e books on your blog. First let me commend your creativity it’s awesome and you are good at what you do. May God’s grace and inspiration never leave you.Kudos Sis. Hmmm FBFW communication is key in a relationship and much needed in marriage for it to succeed. UP: it teaches that an ugly circumstances can give birth to a beautiful thing like love. Persistence, determination, patience not giving up can win any price you are aiming for and so much more lessons in the book. Match make in heaven first 10 pages got me cracking Toni and the guy’s journey to their date is well put together and the twist on Monday too. Tall glass of red wine is a fine attempt on vampire but not that scary to me but I love it. Pls let one that is sequel to be the type you will not want to read in night LOL. Long story short you are a good writer that always get your readers glued till they finished no dull or boring moment all through more grace my Sister. I will review others later

  25. Toyenlon says:

    Unconventional proposal.
    I love this book, the characters are exceptional. I like Kelechi, he’s a go-getter and his confidence/persistence is great and it pays at the end. Samantha too is great, she didn’t cave in under pressure until she was convinced in her heart that it’s love and not something else even though there are gold trimmings in the proposal. It shows that ladies should not settle for less and not compromise when it comes to marriage. TM, your books are always full of lessons, kudos to you.

  26. Toyenlon says:

    Waiting for love.
    This is a fantastic read, i was so engrossed in it, that i didn’t put it down till the last page.

  27. Toyenlon says:

    Match made in heaven.
    It’s an interesting and enjoyable read and full of witty conversations. Kudos to you.

  28. Roselyn says:

    Match Made In Heaven! Wow! If you are yet to read it pls hurry up now will stock last cos, it is a must read. So soothing to all your nerves. TM. You too much. More grace.

  29. mercy says:

    wow….so I got UP as a free giveaway n couldn’t drop it till d last read! Kelechi’s tenacity glued me to my fone. …just had to c where it led. An intriguing romance of two equally intriguing characters.I don’t know how u did it TM turning n stirring ideas into words and keeping them well spiced all thru d pages.must b some sorta magic ink. N reading UP made me realise v bn missing out on nice reads by not purchasing.dts soo changing!

    A mindset that relationship is meant to complete one is a disaster.
    I laughed and I learnt.
    Do get your copy.

    Very special to me, quite personal to me. I fought back tears.
    “Beauty wasn’t everything a relationship needed, it was the very least of it.”
    A story of treating and leaving others better than you find them and how well God can bless you for that. A story of knowing one’s onions and standing for it.

    I love love biko.

  32. mystiq says:

    Can’t believe I didn’t review Match made in heaven…that had me getting nasty glares from d old Yoruba women in my bus as I was on my way to camp n I was just giggling anyhow.

    Kiss by moonlight is just wonderful…d logical and spiritual twinning was top notch and I love love. I laughed and made faces. Plus the lessons are factual.

  33. Roselyn says:

    The Midnight Dance. Hmmmmm! What a world. Prolonged bitterness can destroy one if not handled well. In such a state, one will hardly see the good in others. Yeah! It’s sooo painful when your loved ones hurt you but love indeed conquers all. Clearance love for prue who amogst all odd held her head high, saw her through to her paradise on earth. Thanks TM, for reminding us that there is more to gain in love and forgiveness than in hatred. Guys please go grab your copy now. A lot of lesson is in it.

  34. Favour says:


    122 pages of ‘deliciousness’.Trust me I know delicious.

    what I really love about all of TM’s books is how she explores real & sensitive issues, Midnight dance is no different.

    In MD, you see a seemingly ‘loveless’ grandpa treat his grand-daughter shabbily because of his perception of the character & actions of her late mother,his daughter. Haven’t you been guilty of that in the past, stereotyping people because of something they had/have no control over Such as thier parentage,financial status,tribe, or even thier height. We think stuffs like….her mother is divorced, she won’t make a good wife. He must have stolen the money, he is from a poor home. Short people are always wicked.

    The beauty of MD though is that Prue, the granddaughter rises above such prejudice to find love,make a decent living & have a good life.

    Yeah and not to forget Clarence who is able to look beyond the surface and make his own decisions. I’ll like to think life does require that of us sometimes, to make decisions based on our own conclusions and not just the word of another person.

    Midnight is a great purchase and I can read it over and over again…Absolutely

  35. Favour says:


    Now when TM mentioned on the blog that she would release two e-books on the blog early 2017, I was excited and waited with bated breath…and when both books dropped… it was sooooooooooo worth the wait…

    KBM is so real I identified with it and so will you. Has your intuition ever told you a particular situation be it financial,emotional or otherwise but stubborn human that we are,we persisted. Closure we call it, who closure don EPP? we sha must keep trying until we get hurt.

    This is the story of Zinny in KBM. Her story with her pain to forgive,let go and find love again. Her angst with a pricey astrologers predictions and How the predictions turn out to be life changing for her.

    Now purchasing your copy would help you understand in details what I am talking about,form your own opinions, definitely learn one or two things. Yes TMs books are that good.

    A good buy…anytime,anyday

  36. Roselyn says:

    Yeah! Indeed a super excellent buy. KBM. Those moonlight kissing kids really got me. TM, am protesting ooooo. Couldn’t believe it when I saw the end. Me I wan attend Tasie and naughty Zinny’s wedding. One unserious guy’s HUMDRUM turned out to be another wonderful guy’S GOLD. Such is life. Laughed my lungs out. Guys go grab your copy and grab your own lesson as well. Thanks ma’am. Love you loads.

  37. mystiq says:

    So I finally got MD and UP after procrastinating the earth around it.
    Very wonderful books with a million lessons to be learnt. Never be quick to judge.

  38. FavouriteShades says:


    Learning that the marriage ultimatum (a free read on lifeandspices.com) had a sequel had me in an anticipatory mood,when I finally got to read NLYG after its release,I couldn’t stop thinking OMG,dear Lord…I wanna love hard,deeply & irrevocably like this.Sounds like stuffs of dreams right?oh well, TMs books always has me believing in a love that is timeless, the kind you fight for.

    Now NLYG brings to forte the age long question,who does a woman love more?her child or her husband. I got to deeply examine that perhaps the answer isn’t just straightcut. Perhaps,just maybe the answer can be found in exploring a mothers undying love and a woman’s passionate pursuit of the man through which that child came to be.Like yes she is a mother BUT she was first a woman before a mother….

    NLYG taught me not to be judgemental, to be empathetic even when I might not fully understand another’s action. Above all I could see that in certain cases, you just gotta fight for what you want,sometimes you are left absolutely no choice,the heart wants what it wants & with a dogged pursuit,the heart might just get what it wants.

    All of TM’s books are a hit back to back & NLYG is no different. This writer right here is a gift that keeps giving…. And I,smartpants that i am,keep buying,reading & mentally filing away the life lessons,you should too.

  39. Favour says:


    Divorce doesn’t just happen & most people get married thinking, we love each other,this has got to last forever & a day.Divorce?Heck no,cant happen to us.I think its easy to say & think these words when its for better but what do you do when its for worse?

    The above aptly describes this e-books for better,for worse.The book takes us through the lives of two couples,one couple together physically yet separated in well almost every way ,the other had been divorced for two years.

    It makes us a voyeur into the unprecedented pain that assumptions, lack of attention & communication can lead to even in a marriage where the couples love each other passionately.For better for worse showcases the power of forgiveness,its process(yes there is a process, it starts with I am sorry but doesnt end there) & the wonders a heartfelt talk can do in jump starting reconciliations.

    Also it explores the often untalked about,undiagnosed and untreated PPD that plagues new mums. Yes please post partum depression is real & there is a need to start treating it as such.

    For me it was a package deal with so many offerings. I especially loved the attention to the minutest details and the descriptive expressions used. I was so engrossed I didn’t put it down till I was done sponging from every single page,every single word. I’ll like to think you would want to experience that too

  40. FavouriteShades says:

    MatchMade In Heaven

    We all know music can deeply connect to our spirits,have you feeling sad,happy,elated,excited,angry depending on the music BUT a good book also does the same.So if you are on the lookout for that book to take you out of the dumps, you probably just had a really bad day,a challenging week or you are not in a good mood for any reason,then reading this book is exactly right for this moment.

    There’s absolutely no sad moment all through,it had me chuckling and laughing out loud,thankfully I was alone hence I was spared from the inquiring looks I would have gotten if I had company.Like is she loony or something, what’s with the repetitive laughter?

    The encounters between the lead female Toni,lead male character Ray & thier families had me in heaps of laughter.You would expect a man with a name like Ray to be jovial just like a ray of sunshine but there was nothing sunny about Dear Mister Ray,at least initially. Naughty & Nutty Miss Toni didn’t also help matters with her depth of mischief but then that’s her person, she likes to live out loud.

    Match made in heaven doesn’t just bring you humour,oh no,there’s also the suggestion that first impressions isn’t always right,one might just need to hold off on forming an opinion until the 2nd,the 3rd,heck maybe even the fourth impression. You also consider that online dating & blind dates despite its cons has also led to the unions of ‘heavenly’ matched happy couples,and some settled for been great friends & business partners.

    Ultimately we see the heart’s innate ability to try again,to love again even after having convinced itself ‘I am so done’ due to previous hurts.

  41. FavouriteShades says:

    Unconventional Proposal-UP

    Just how unconventional can a proposal get?in UP,Kelechi proposes marriage to a woman he barely knows,a woman he is only just meeting for the second time in four days.This e-book had me wondering how an ‘eligible’ bachelor in every sense of the word would do something so unseemly.

    I also got to understand that no matter how much you love family, you really can’t enforce lifelong decisions on them.After all is said and done,thier life,thier choices,thier consequences. This I saw with kelechi brother who decided he would rather be a cosmetologist than join the family business of financial managers.

    The irrevocable bond of family and friendship is also seen among kelechi & his brother,Samantha(the lady kelechi proposed to) and her family and between Samantha and her three(3) friends.

    UP also taught me to never say never,indeed time and new information have a way of changing negatives to positives.

  42. bee says:

    i’m in Ghana and i want to purchase Never let you go. how do i go about it?

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