Kiss Me If You Can – 5

KMIYC EPISODES A kiss helps to reduce blood pressure. No, I did not just make that up. I read it somewhere. Wonder if it is true though. Dad suffers from blood pressure issues, will his heart benefit more if I…


Sweet Forbidden

SF EPISODES Thirteen ♠ Nora didn’t know why she was there. She had lain on Benny’s living room floor crying until he came out, maybe an hour later, and had asked her to go home. She had started begging afresh…


Coming Soon – Unconventional Proposal

SYNOPSIS: Samantha Aigbohan, 29. Independent. Hardworking.  Spunky and integrity-conscious. A pretty enough woman with every woman’s dream of meeting Prince Charming and being charmingly proposed to. But charming doesn’t describe having a man you accidentally met four days ago demand…


LOL – Because it’s Empty

A little girl went up to her mother one day while holding her stomach saying, “Mummy, my stomach hurts.” Her mother replied. “That’s because it’s empty. You have to put something in it.” Later that day when the Evangelist and…


Please Contact Me

This brief announcement is for the five people who purchased NEVER LET YOU GO from Okadabooks. That is from the day it was published (17th)  to the 19th of February. Please contact me via tmdavidwest@gmail.com. It is very important. If…


Sweet Forbidden

SF EPISODES Twelve ♠ Tears were already cursing down Nora’s face. “Benny—” “Not a word, Nora!” The order came in a steel voice before Benny shifted his gaze to Tim. “Giving my fiancée that discount without me being here, are…

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