Book Release

Sale Alert…!

Sale Alert! 40% sale on Not Fairy-Tale. Price N300… not N500. Only for 6 hours today. Starting 18:00 hours – 24:00 hours. Lol. That would be: 6 p.m. – 12 midnight. On Okadabooks via this link: htt://okadabooks.com/book/about/not_fairytale/20211 Or PDF copy…

Book Release

New eBook – Not Fairy-Tale

Hiya people, At last Not Fairy-Tale  has been published… yay! Find it on Okadabooks right HERE. Or get in touch with me for your PDF copy via: sophiabernard198@gmail.com or: tmdavidwest@gmail.com And here’s the Blurb: *** Fejiro believed in love, in romance,…


Not Fairy-Tale – #6

CHETA set the plate of food on the tray and took a plastic bottle of Schweppes out of the refrigerator. “I’ll settle my bill later.” He said to Duke and turned back into the kitchen. “Lance, the kitchen is under…


Not Fairy-Tale – #5

SHE was on her way home when his call came in. “Hello, Kane. Touched down?” He’d told her he was flying back that evening. “On my way home right now.” “Me too.” He chuckled. “I missed you and Lagos.” Her…


Not Fairy-Tale – #3

WEEKENDS were busiest at the restaurant, starting Friday evening and all through Saturday. Families strolled in packs, parents in the mood to give their children a treat, couples wanting affordable Nigerian cuisine, and singles who didn’t mind their own companies….


Not Fairy-Tale – #2

HE had always loved to cook. When he was a little boy and living in a neighbourhood filled with puffed-up and macho boys, he was teased and taunted for being the ‘girly’ boy who gathered sands and stones and pretended…

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