Bites of Life

The Rigors

“You need to do more.” He said. His eyes were dispassionate and looking at the tablet in his hand. I wondered if it was the contraption that told him what he just told me. “How much more is more?” I…

Just Life

Making Lemonade

Hiya, people. I am still working on the blog. Things are not as yet as they should be, there’s still a whole, whole lot to tweak and add, but we will get there. Instead of doing nothing though, I figured…


New Look… loading

Hiya, peeps, It’s finally that big day for me… yay!!! I just bought my very own premium theme and I am so hyped and vibrating with happy vibes. Lol. It’s a big day, or maybe I should say, night, for…

Guest Story

Ricochet of Cataclysm – 12

With eyes on the wrapped parcel before her, Katherine lowered her bag on the desk. She reached for the intercom but halted when something glittering caught her eyes. In gold was written—Happy birthday Katherine. She slumped on the nearest chair,…

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