Restlessness poured through Tim like a live wire. Desperation added sizzle to the overpowering energy. His fingers tapped the onscreen keypad with a speed that would have put any trained typewriter to shame.

“Drafting another message? That would be the tenth in less than three minutes.”

Tim was startled at the quiet voice. He lifted his head. Sharon was looking at him with searching, wary eyes. He hated that she now looked at him like that. She never did before. Guilt tugged. But what was searing through him was more powerful.

“Got a problem with me drafting messages?” He wanted to sound lofty and he did. The false superiority was safer than surrendering to the questioning light in her eyes.

“None whatsoever.” Sharon kept her calm. It was difficult but she did. “Who are you chatting with this time, a new business partner?”

“I see I have to submit my itinerary for your approval and along with it my clientele list.” If loftiness didn’t work, sarcasm should. “Or you prefer to leave your job and come work with me here at the hotel to keep a closer watch on me?”

“What is wrong with you, Tim?” His attitude shocked her.

The astonished look in her eyes tugged harder at the guilt-strings. He wanted escape. He sorely wished she hadn’t come there. He didn’t want her there. He didn’t want her—Period.

“I am not the one who left her place of work to come double-check on her fiancée, Sharon.” He rose from his seat, shoved his hands, with the phone, into his pockets. “What’s with this sudden suspicious attitude? Is this a glimpse of what our future might look like—you constantly tailing me?”

“Tailing you?” Sharon rose too. “You call me coming to have lunch with you at your hotel, tailing you?”

“Well, I don’t remember us agreeing to meet for lunch today.”

Sharon gaped. “We have to agree on everything first now before it is done? What happened to—‘I like it when you surprise me—’?”

He hated the reminder of what he’d once said to her. He’d said it when he’d meant it. Now he felt differently. The shock of how quickly he’d started to feel differently still dazed him. He hadn’t expected it. He’d only wanted sex. Gosh, he still wanted sex. Fast, wild, mindlessly satisfying sex—only with Nora. The blind desire set off new feelings inside of him. They made her important, the only thing he wanted—needed.

“Everyone likes a pleasant surprise every now and then.” He couldn’t face her, so he strolled around, keeping his gait as measured as a prancing cock’s. “But no one cares to be hounded when they are neck-deep in work. You should have called, not just turn up. There is absolutely nothing wrong with calling your fiancé to check what his schedule is like.”

“Now I am an unpleasant surprise hounding you?” Pain slashed through her. Tears pricked. “My God, are you listening to yourself, Tim? What is the matter with you? What is going on here?”

“Nothing! Absolutely nothing, Sharon!” He whirled around and glared at her. He could face her now. Under the empowering shield of anger, he could face her. “Nothing is wrong except that you’re all of a sudden overbearingly suspicious of my every move. I text too much now. I don’t call as often anymore. I am always absentminded. I haven’t been to the house to see you and your parents for days on end now. Jesus! Has it occurred to you that there might be only one f**king simple answer to all of these your nag-nag-nag complaints? I am busy, Sharon. I am f**king busy!”

“And obviously you’ve acquired a new taste for the F-word along with your busy schedule.” How she managed to remain calm, Sharon didn’t know. But she was proud of herself that she did. “Those complaints aren’t me nagging you… they weren’t even complaints per se. They were just observations I made—which every normal fiancée would make. If they have you panicked and worried, then I’m sorry. But it shouldn’t be me you blame for your obvious guilty conscience; it is the crime you’re committing to warrant it, you should hold responsible.”

She yanked up her handbag. “I’m taking my unpleasant presence back to my office. Have a good day, Tim.”

“Sharon!” He couldn’t allow her go, not like this. He felt like such an asshole. She stopped but didn’t turn. He sighed and walked to her, placed a hand on her shoulders. “Baby, don’t walk away mad. I’m sorry if I acted like a jerk.” He turned her around. Her eyes were tear-filled. Guilt multiplied. “I am so sorry, Sharon. Don’t be mad at your Timmy. Please don’t be.”

She looked at the coaxing eyes. “Tim, we used to be so close; we used to share everything. You used to want to be with me all the time. I feel like something is amiss… and I don’t understand why.”

“I also used to not have a hotel to run, baby.” He tenderly touched her cheeks, wiped off a tear. “You don’t have anything to worry about, Sharon. It’s all just business. And I am really working hard now so I can make time for you once we are married.” He leaned forward and lightly kissed her lips. “Hey, what happened to trusting your Timmy, huh?”

“I do, Tim.” She did. She wanted to. She just wasn’t sure if she should. “Promise me this is all just about business. Only business, nothing more.”

“It is business. Only business, nothing more.” He never knew it would be easy to look into her eyes and lie, but he just did it. And he even managed to squelch the guilty tug. “Forgiven my rude behaviour and my infamous use of the F-word minutes ago?”

She laughed. It wasn’t really wholehearted. “So long as rude behaviour and F-word use is over and done with… yes, I’ve forgiven you.” She took his hand and tightly held it. “I love you, Tim. I love you with all of my heart, you know that, don’t you?”

He did. And knowing brought shame. And shame almost dropped his direct gaze. “I do. And I—I love you too.” He curved his head and kissed her.

But where it used to set off desire and need in him before, it left him half-cold now.

“I promise to call you after work, okay?” He straightened up and planted another soft kiss on her cheek. “Drive safe for your Timmy. Let me know when you’re back at the office.”

“I will. See ya.” And struggling to reassure herself that she had nothing to worry about so long as he loved her, Sharon walked out of the office with a smile that felt wobbly inside.

Did he still love her? Tim asked himself as he shut the door after her.

He didn’t know. She had been the only woman he’d ever truly loved. He had loved her just for herself and not for anything he got from her. He had loved her selflessly and he had wanted her the same way. But now, he just didn’t know anymore.

Tim sighed and drew out his phone. Nora still didn’t reply his message. She’d blocked him off on BBM but she hadn’t blocked off his mobile number. That gave him hope. Hope for what, he didn’t know. They had had an unforgettable sex that Friday—

Darn it, he still got hard thinking of how he’d taken her against the wall. It had always been like that with Nora. She was uninhibited and as adventurous as he was. There were no limits with her. They’d never, in all the time they spent together, gone old-missionary on each other. It had always been daring positions and even more daring speed.

No, he must have her again. He has to have her again.

Tim strode to his desk. Grabbed his key-ring, his other phone and iPad and strode out of the office.


The moment Nora saw him outside the gate of the bank, her heart tumbled against her ribs and then sank. Just looking at him, standing by the roadside watching her with dark intense eyes, she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist him. She could try, but she wouldn’t be able to. Her body already yielded to him; she could feel the burn between her legs.

The voice in her head, not loud enough anymore, warned her not to pull off the road as that was her only chance. She didn’t listen to it… like she hadn’t been doing since she met Tim again.

“What are you doing here, Tim?” She asked, striving to sound hard and irritated.

He said nothing. Only went around the car and pulling open the front passenger door, got in. “Let’s go.”

It was an order and this time her irritation wasn’t feigned. “Go where? How dare you enter my car without invitation and order me around?”

“Save the fiery energy for when we are alone, Nora.” Tim thought the idea of leaving his car behind had been the most brilliant he’d had all of his life. “You’re attracting attention and this is your place of work. I figure you won’t want attention like this from your colleagues.”

He was right, the jerk! Nora glared at him, hissed and then started the car and pulled back into the road. “Where the heck should I drop you?”

“At the hotel.”

She tossed him a quick glance. “You must be crazy if you think I am going to the hotel with you!”

“I am. Crazy out of my mind with wanting you. I have just had the most miserable twelve days of my life and I am done bearing it, Nora. You might not like this, but we both feel something strong for each other and we just can’t ignore it.”

“I can.” Her body trembled but she kept her voice firm. “I can ignore it and I plan to. I’m never again going to be unfaithful to Benny.”

“Really?’ Tim adjusted in his seat and looked at her with a smirk. “You can ignore it, huh? Well, tell me if you can ignore this.” He pushed his hand on her thigh, tugged up her dark-grey skirt and even as her leg jolted and she cussed him, he slid his hand into her panties and into an already wet crotch. “Tell me that you can ignore this when obviously your body can’t.” And he sunk a finger deeper into her.

The moan escaped Nora. She couldn’t have held it back. Her hands shook on the steering wheel. “Goddamn you, Tim, we are on the f**king highway, you bastard!”

God, this was what he loved about her—fiery and wild. “Then get us fast to the hotel, you’re the one behind the wheel, babe.” And he worked the finger, needing to keep her in that place where she could hardly think… and needing to remain there himself.

Less than twenty-five minutes later, they were stumbling into his hotel suite and already a mass of pulsating need, Nora screeched at him. “Get inside me, jerk! I can’t wait anymore.”

Raging with dark passion, Tim tore the jacket of the suit off her, tossed it aside and followed it with her camisole and then he sunk his teeth against one breast, biting not so gently. When her moan came like a vibrating thread, he lifted his mouth and buried it against her puffing lips.

Her fingers yanked off his buckle and pulled down his trousers. His did the same to her skirt and then in one swift move he turned her around and pushed her against the desk, bending her over it as he sunk his finger into her dripping crotch.

Even as Nora convulsed with pleasure, guilt tugged at the background. But it was instantly drowned when Tim ploughed his rock-hard pulsating member into her. And the only thought in her head was that she’d never stopped loving him—or wanting him.


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