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On Christmas Day

It was Christmas day. He knew that because he has been waiting for this day. He had been counting the days and the weeks and the months—and finally, it was Christmas day. It was Christmas day. They had woken up…


A Merry Christmas

Longtime ago in Bethlehem, so the Holy Bible says Mary’s boy-child Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day. Hark now hear the angels sing A king was born today And man will live forevemore Because of Christmas Day. Wishing you…


Glimpse: Never Let You Go

“You didn’t have to come back. I’m grateful for your help but Carlson can handle things from here.” Tobi regarded her with cool, aloof eyes. “I looked for you for months because I loved you. I love you, Tobi. And…


The Marriage Ultimatum

TMU EPISODES CHAPTER TWENTY ♥ Kaine felt a gratification she had not expected to feel. She had just given herself to the man she loved. She had confessed her love to him. The love that still and would always beat…

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