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Life & Relationship

Real Friends

“You can always tell a real friend; when you’ve made a fool of yourself, he doesn’t feel you’ve done a permanent job of it.” Laurence J. Peter. Those words make you think, don’t they? They make you ask: “Who is my…


All My Thanks

I want to simply, and from the very depth of my heart, thank everyone for the support given me yesterday when we were all dealing with the content theft and copyright infringement issue. To say I was touched and grateful for…


LOL – Parents’ Rules

A headmaster at a parochial school wanted to provide his new students some advice for appropriate behaviour at church. He thought he would try to elicit rules that parents might give the youngsters before taking them to a nice restaurant….


Margaret X – 3

MX EPISODES 3 MY NEW FEARLESSNESS ▪ ♠ ▪  VANITY when it takes hold of your senses will not release it until you have learnt a life-changing lesson and manage to become estranged from all that is vain and futile….


Margaret X – 2

MX EPISODES 2 I AM GROWING ▪ ♠ ▪  I grew up fast, and not just in body. My mind was opening, learning, developing. Knowledge, of all that was available to me, was unwrapping itself to me. I was curious….

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