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Celebrate Nigeria, and You

Today we celebrate the 56th anniversary of our nation’s independence. Too many things are happening, things not right, and we ask: do we have anything to celebrate? Life, when we are blessed with it, must always be celebrated. The fact…


Dinner For Two

DFT EPISODES CHAPTER EIGHT  ♥ Kome didn’t know if she wanted to smack him or to kiss him. She knew, sensed without needing him to tell her, that he’d panicked and was suddenly overwhelmed by the difference in their social…


Dinner For Two

DFT EPISODES CHAPTER SEVEN ♥  He was in love with her. He’d known that a long time. And he’d been dying to tell her for just as long. But he couldn’t just say it. It just won’t come out of…


Margaret X – 8

MX EPISODES 8 WHAT HAVE I DONE? ▪ ♠ ▪  WHILE I begged for the ground to open up and bury me within its depth, John-Bosco’s father ordered Ebube to go find John-Bosco wherever it is he was. And while…

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