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Ant Hill – 8

AH EPISODES EIGHT ♣ WE made our way hastily towards the exit of the Hill, our antennae linked as we marched side by side. “Are you sure we won’t be caught?” Zita asked again, her words trembling. “I am sure we…

Soul Train

I got a testimony

Happy Sunday, y’all. I just want to testify. You know, many times, we think we can only testify when something “big” has happened in our lives. Like we bought a brand new car, like we are pregnant with a baby…


Ndubuisi – 3

ND EPISODES 3  *** IF the lizard did not puff up its chest in courage to take the jump from the rooftop, then it would not have the chance to nod its head in pride at its landing. Her mother…


Say Yes – 4

SY EPISODES #4 When you believe, you love. * ~ * The thud against the bare earth whooshed the breath out of her. “Oh heavens!” Eve groaned, staggering off the ground and inhaling and exhaling to steady her wild beating…


Ah, books… #sigh

Who is feeling this way? Or ever felt that way? Like you’ve read all the books on your shelf, reread most and read all of those on your mobile device… all ’em TM David-West’s and now… there’s just nothing to…

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