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Ant Hill – 11



WE’D agreed to meet beside the Nursery chamber, right after Kaza would have been done with her nightly march around the Hill and just before she might decide to begin another march.

“This is very dangerous. We could all be caught and condemned to death. I don’t want to die yet.” Toki complained, twisting his head left and right, his eyes gleaming with frenzied excitement.

He’d insisted he was going to escort us to the exit of the Hill even though I’d told him… no, begged him to stay back and not endanger his life. But he wasn’t the only one playing busy-bumble-bee, Kiki had also come with Zita.

“Condemned to death?” Kiki cried, crawling beside Zita. “We’ll be lucky if Kaza doesn’t squash us to death if she catches us.”

“This is exactly why you two shouldn’t have come with us, you are just too pessimistic.” Zita turned her head to the left to glare at Kiki.

“It’s not our pessimism you should be worried about. It’s the madness that’s bedevilled both of you.” Kiki creaked in scorn. “Besides, I only came in a last bid to talk sense into your heads.”

“You can’t change our minds.” I said, caressing Zita’s trunk with my antenna. “If that is why you are here, then save your energy and go back. And take Toki with you.”

Ant Hill – 10



TOKI chatted animatedly as we marched on towards the Queen’s chamber. As usual he was brimming with excitement. And as was usual for me, I was both baffled and irritated by his incomprehensible exhilaration.

What did he have to be excited about? What was it about our miserable existence that kept him effervescent and eager all the time? Even now when we face summons by the Queen, which can only mean one thing—the announcement of our nuptial flight—he is brimming with enthusiasm like we are about to be served lifelong awards, instead of our death sentences.

“You know why we all have been summoned, don’t you?” He asked now.

I didn’t respond. Every drone on the line knew.

“I think it is to announce to us the day and time for our nuptial flight, don’t you think?” My silence didn’t deter him as he stayed in step with Kite who was marching beside him.

Ant Hill – 9




DOGA had summoned her!

Zita knew she should feel apprehensive that the head of her unit and the third in command after the Queen and Kaza had, for the first time ever, summoned her. But she just wasn’t.

She couldn’t explain why or how, but she felt like a whole new ant—fearless and full of a hope that hadn’t been there before. The experience of the night before out in the open field, uninhibitedly free of laws and restrictions, away from ever-probing eyes and the mundane regularity of their everyday ant life on the Hill, has filled her with this new strength. It has awakened in her a hunger for something more. A desire for a life that was more than just waking up at the break of dawn and working tirelessly till nightfall.

No, she wanted more. She wanted the fun, the laughter, the freedom… the love. And no, she wasn’t afraid to appear before Doga.

Ant Hill – 8



WE made our way hastily towards the exit of the Hill, our antennae linked as we marched side by side.

“Are you sure we won’t be caught?” Zita asked again, her words trembling.

“I am sure we were meant to do this.” I answered. My tone was gentle. “Stop looking behind you, you have nothing to fear.” I made a gurgling soothing sound.

“I can’t help it.” Zita whispered, but she strived not to angle her head backwards again. “Maybe Kiki was right. Maybe…”

“No, she was not right.” I cut in. “Stop second guessing yourself. You wanted us to do this because you knew it is the right thing to do.”

“It is?”

“Yes.” I stopped at the sandy exit. “This is it.” I told her, my eyes glowing as they looked into hers.

Ant Hill – 7



I crawled towards the Nursery Chamber, impatient to see Zita. The way I felt, I neither cared if I crawled into Kaza or if she crawled all over me. I needed to see my Zita, to know why she’d left me restless and heavy-headed the night before.

I marched into the chamber and as I’d hoped, Zita was there, her head bent over, doing her duty. So was Kiki. But I didn’t care.

The sight of Zita—all shiny and glowing—quelled most of my anger but not my pain. “Zita, you kept me waiting all through the night.” I said even with her back to me.

She swung around. “Zoro, why are you here so early? Don’t you know that Doga is usually around this early?”

“I don’t care where Doga is and at what time of the day she is there.” I hissed. The pain in my heart and head were visible through my eyes. “You promised you would come to meet me last night. You did not come.”

Ant Hill – 6




ZITA scurried down the sandy pathway, meandering her way towards the Drone chamber. At any sound—either real or imagined—she skittered into tiny holes that lined the walls of the Hill.

Her heart was thudding hard in her head not in her backside, she could feel it. Should Doga, or even worse still Kaza, catch her then she was as good as dead. Yet for some inexplicable reason, the thought of their crawling upon her seemed only to fuel her desire to quickly reach her destination instead of retreating from the danger it posed.

“And where are you sneaking off to?”

Zita nearly tumbled over in deathly shock at the sound just ahead of her but she quickly recognised it as Kiki’s voice.

Twitching her antennae in sheer relief, she scurried closer toward the voice. “Kiki, you nearly had my heart shooting out through my head. What are you doing out here all alone?”

“That should be my question, Zita.” Kiki retorted, her tone annoyed. “Where are you scuttling off to at this hour?”

“Ah…” Zita scanned her head for a plausible lie. “I was…”

Ant Hill – 5



I marched along with the other ants, our straight-lined ordered file heading steadily for the exit of the Hill.

“Imagine you and me crawling out like this side by side, away from the restrictions of this Hill.” I whispered to Zita, thrilled to have her at my side.

“Zoro, you shouldn’t be here.” Zita whispered back, not taking her eyes from Giba in front of her. “Drones are not allowed in this march and you know it.”

She was right of course. Workers were on a march to find and bring back food and only Workers were allowed no one else… least of all a Drone. But I didn’t care. I hadn’t seen my Zita in days and I’d be damned if the fear of Kaza, or of death, would prevent me from being by her side now.

“Let me worry about where I should or shouldn’t be.” I said flippantly. “You look more beautiful than ever, all glimmering and shiny.”

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