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Mercenary Wife – 5



They had given him privacy to be with his wife, to deal with whatever they figured needed dealing with and now, they wanted to understand him. They were not looking to stick their noses into his private affairs, Simon knew that because he knew them. They were his family. They loved him. They were worried about him. It shamed and hurt him that his marriage would cause them worry instead of bring them joy.

“Tell us what is going on, Simon.” Papa TJ was a man who never prevaricated and who faced all things head on.

Simon stared at him with deep affection and respect. He was his father, in place of the father he had lost in a robbery incident where both his parents had been shot dead before he was even four. Simon had to be told of the tragedy, for he could not remember it though he’d been there. Papa TJ had taken him in, his brother’s only child, and he had raised him along with his own children. He was a fair man, a hard worker and a devout Christian. He had taught him faith, honour and dedication.

He had also taught him truth—to say it and to live it. It was sad that he couldn’t now completely tell him what was the truth.

“Nothing is going on, Papa. Nothing that any of you need worry about.”

Mercenary Wife – 4



It wasn’t working. Nothing she did was working. And nothing she’d expected was happening. She hadn’t expected him to keep her prisoner in his bedroom but he had. He had kept her locked up in that room all day long and had returned a good minutes after nine p.m.to start shooting orders at her like some soldier husband.

Richelle hissed under her breath and stared with animosity at the TV screen she wasn’t watching. She hadn’t imagined him to be the type to spew out orders at his wife either. But you obviously never really knew a man until you were living with him as most people did say. For Christ’s sake, she’d had to rummage his refrigerator for something to eat! And he hadn’t even cared if she was going to die of hunger locked up as his little prisoner wife. Not that she’d felt much of a hunger with the anger that had been broiling inside of her.

Damn it! She’d tried everything she knew. She’d tried, multiple times and in multiple ways, the one thing she knew that never failed—seduction. But even that, especially that, had failed. Even when she could see desire in his eyes and feel it in his body, he never caved. He wasn’t the kind of man to be seduced. She’d realised it.

“Who knew there were those types?” Richelle muttered. Who’d have thought she’d wind up with a man who wasn’t dying to get her naked and who wouldn’t jump at her many unsubtle overtures to do just that? She was possibly married to an asexual man and she was doomed.

Mercenary Wife – 3


Why would this happen to him? It tortured Simon that he still could not understand why. Why would it be him, of all people, to wind up with a treacherous woman who had no true feelings for him? Why would he, at thirty-four, fall into such a snare?

Why would God allow him to fall into such a snare?

He had prayed. Like he did when he faced any major step in his life. He had studied the Word and listened for the voice of the Lord. And then, he had gotten that very certain feeling of confidence that often followed moments of prayer and meditation. And it was that certainty, that confidence that sprung from a conscious feeling of approval from God, that tore off the hold on his heart and had inevitably, ended in him proposing to her and marrying her.

And now, it was all a mistake.

Oh God, why would you let this happen to me? Simon silently moaned and nursed his bottle of drink. Has he not shown enough commitment to God? Had he not loved, and served, him enough with all that he has and was? Had he not been faithful most of his adult life, shying away from all sins of flesh that offended him?

So why would he hear his prayers, allow him to have a false feeling of confidence and let him fall into a snare set by a woman of such duplicity and fickleness? Why, Lord?

Mercenary Wife – 2


She sat, stunned and gaping at him, for the longest moment. Then she started to shake her head. “I don’t understand what you are trying to tell me. What are you saying, Simon?”

If his heart was wounded before by overhearing her make a mockery of him, having her lie to his face with a shocked expression that made him sound like a man right out of his mind blistered afresh those wounds.

“You didn’t misunderstand me, Richelle. And I am sure you heard me correctly.” Why did he have to feel so much pain instead of rage? “You married me just because I had money? That is the sole reason you dated me?” And why was his heart begging her to deny it when he already knew the truth? “How can you be so mercenary?”

“I am not a mercenary.” Richelle objected and sprang from the bed. “Good gracious! Simon, what is wrong with you? Why are you doing this? We just got married for heaven’s sake! Are you purposely trying to hurt me?”

“If I’m purposely trying to hurt you? Really, Richelle?” Who was this woman? Simon stared at her. At her self-righteous indignation. Had he ever known her? “The show is over, Richelle. Your game is up. I heard you. I heard you talking to Uma. Just minutes ago.”

Mercenary Wife – 1

EPISODES: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

It was a fashionable society wedding. The kind that dazed the imagination of guests and that had them talking above whispers. The kind that had sighs filtering out of mouths that curled in wistfulness and that sent dreamy envy into the eyes of witnesses. It was the kind of wedding where everyone, everyone who mattered, was there. The affluent and the prestigious titled members of the community were there. Families, from far and wide, friends, some with whom contact has not been made in the recent years, graced the occasion. Then, there were those who were guests by way of extended invitation. They did not require the custom crest wedding invitation card to be there; and they filled the awnings that had been set beside the gates of Le Grandeur Banquet Hall.

It was a dream wedding, her dream wedding, and it had been his pleasure to make that dream come true. He was married, Simon still felt dizzy at the thought, and it was an exhilarating dizziness. He just married the woman he loved. That he would fall in love, and be loved in return, and then to have to live the rest of his days experiencing that love, was extraordinarily unbelievable for him.

Had he believed in love before he had met her?


Dinner For Two



Kome didn’t know if she wanted to smack him or to kiss him. She knew, sensed without needing him to tell her, that he’d panicked and was suddenly overwhelmed by the difference in their social status. The very factor that had kept him from courting her all those months ago, was again pulling him back from her.

But she wasn’t allowing it, Kome thought grimly. She wasn’t allowing him slip away. Definitely not after he’d confessed he was in love with her.

“We’re going inside to talk.” She announced, once she was certain he wasn’t walking away anymore. And she turned and strode through the side gate.

The desire to retreat inside wasn’t just to provide them the needed privacy to talk. She needed a couple of minutes to decide how best to deal with the situation. And she’d decided that going on the offensive was her best option.

“Want a drink?” She queried, once they were in her living room.

“No.” He declined with a shake of his head. “Kome…”

Dinner For Two




He was in love with her. He’d known that a long time. And he’d been dying to tell her for just as long. But he couldn’t just say it. It just won’t come out of his mouth. He opened his mouth to say it and then something else stumbled out. It was maddening—and shameful. A grown ass man can’t tell the woman he loved he was in love with her. Shame!

Now he wanted to propose to her too.

Theodore sighed and felt the ring box he had in his pocket. God, how was he going to say it—ask her? He started stuttering anytime he thought of it, how were the right words supposed to leave his lips? What were the perfect words to ask the woman you loved to share the rest of your life with you?

He lifted his tablet off the cushy sofa and opened the Google webpage. His fingers moving rapidly across the onscreen keypad, he entered his query—top 10 ways to propose to a woman? A string of responses dropped down and he punched open the first one.

Be yourself. Was the first recommendation. Theodore shook his head. That’s not going to work. Not when he was likely to trip over his tongue. He scrolled to the next recommendation—Candle lit dinner. Now this one had possibilities. She loved romantic ambiances. She loved candles glowing and lighting up the dark. Maybe out on her patio. A special bottle of wine. But that was too regular. They’d done it a couple of times now; it was fresh every new time, but still…

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