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My Heart’s Song – 5




JETH had thought of her all week long. He had spoken with her more times than he’d imagined himself capable of speaking with anyone over the phone. She never forgot to tease him that he was hounding her with calls. But much as he would have liked to back off and give her some space, he simply couldn’t.

His constant thinking of her wouldn’t allow him to. And the feelings that were already growing inside of him for her, obstinately fought against any demand for good sense.

“I think my heart has chosen the one it wants to love.” He sighed aloud.

Ethan raised his eyes from his mobile phone’s Solitaire game. They were both home alone. Gloria has taken the kids along with her to Abuja to spend the weekend with Sophie and her new-born. It would have been a good boys’ time for both of them, except that Jeth has been mostly absent-minded and morose.

“Is that right?” So finally the day they’ve all been waiting has come. He would have to update the ladies. “Would the one your heart is choosing to love be she with the remarkable voice from church?”

“Who else could it be? I can’t stop thinking about her. She’s always on my mind.” Jeth moved his legs restlessly on the sofa. “Do you think it’s too soon to be feeling this way for her?”

My Heart’s Song – 4




SHILOH knocked on the white primed panel door and opened at the entry invitation.

“Yes, sir?” She said to the burly man behind the oval cherry-wood desk, her expression a respectful demeanour. With his Personal Assistant on a short leave, she was the interim manning the Managing Director’s PA’s office.

“Ah yes, Shiloh. I need a small matter resolved at Regency Travel and Tours. It’s a travel agency along the stadium road. She, my wife that is, would have handled this but she has a lot of commitments today.” Mr Abi’s slightly scratchy voice thrummed with a note of apology. “There are changes in her travel arrangements to Dubai. It appears she would be going along with her niece. The travel agency has been notified but they require these documents.” He handed over a brown envelope. “Could you have this delivered to them, please? Jimi would take you.”

“All right, sir.” Shiloh dipped her head. “Would that be all, sir?”

“Yes. Thank you, Shiloh.” Mr Abi gave her a grateful smile.

“I’ll get to it then.” Shiloh smiled as she turned to step out of the office.

This was her third month with the company and so far, she’s been grateful she got the job at the security services company. The pay wasn’t bad, the hours were conducive and above all, she worked for a conscientious employer. Something that had prompted her resignation from her job in Lagos and her travel down to join her mother in Port Harcourt.

Regency Travel and Tours occupied the top floor of the three-storey office building. Shiloh aimed straight for the reception desk and the pretty Front Desk Officer behind it.

My Heart’s Song – 3




SHILOH rummaged her wardrobe, certain she had a new pack of sanitary towels in there.

“I bought a new pack when I realised I had only two towels left from my last month’s pack. I never stay without a fresh pack handy.”

From her reclined position on the lounge chair in her bedroom, Joy rolled her eyes at the muffled complaining words. “Maybe you thought you bought a new pack but actually didn’t.”

“I did buy it!” Shiloh yanked her head out of the tees-session of her wardrobe to glare at the opened doorway that walked through a foyer into her mother’s bedroom.

“Okay, don’t bite off your mother’s head. She’s only an innocent bystander.” Joy’s voice was full of laughter. “Now, I would be a suspect but nature has put me on the no-red-dots lists for life.”

“This is not a joke, mum. I have a new pack in this house. I bought it just two weeks ago when I shopped for Provisions.” Shiloh dropped to her knees and fished her hand around the last compartment of the wardrobe.

Not that there was much to ransack through there. It was the part of the wardrobe where she dumped easy-wear shoes, sandals and slip-ons. And of course, it wasn’t there. It wouldn’t be, Shiloh grumped, pushing back to her feet. She never put it there. It was always kept in the upper part of the wardrobe, along with her cosmetics and makeup bag.

My Heart’s Song – 2




JETH didn’t like the state of his thoughts in the last two days. He wasn’t the kind of man… had stopped being the kind of man to completely steep his thoughts on a woman.

But the baffling thing was that he wasn’t the one steeping his thoughts on her. She was the one steeping herself into his thoughts. She absorbed his every thought of her own will and he seemed helpless to do anything but—just think of her.

He couldn’t even concentrate on work, Jeth sighed and rubbed his eyes. What kind of a man went to church and instead of concentrating on his Creator, focused his heart and thoughts on some singing woman, huh?

“Lord, have mercy on me!” He muttered into his palms. “Clear my mind off her.”

But he knew it was a futile prayer. Hadn’t he prayed it to no avail since Sunday and yet still thought of her? Either God considered his persistent thoughts of her something he could master of his own will, or it was him willing the thoughts.

Heavens! Now he was putting this on God? Jeth shook his head and pushed off his chair. He desperately needed help to sanitize, or at least clarify, his thoughts, and there was only one person he could turn to when God wasn’t forthcoming. As forthcoming as he wanted, Jeth amended as he marched out of his office.

It didn’t take long for him to arrive his brother’s Engineering and Construction office at Trans Amadi Layout.

My Heart’s Song – 1

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JETH always believed that when he was ready for love and for marriage, he would feel a certain kind of quickening in his spirit. A foreknowledge elucidated by a possible growing feeling of an emptiness that hadn’t been there before and that required filling. It would be nothing impulsive, nothing unanticipated and definitely, nothing sudden. It would instead be a slow, steady and meditatively thought out feeling and he would find himself prepared, in every way, to take whatever steps were demanded of him.

He had thought like this most of his adult life. Well, not quite most of it. But long enough that he couldn’t recall never thinking that way.

But he was not thinking love… or marriage, when he roused from his bed that morning. They still were not conceived in his thoughts when as he knelt for his morning devotion, his heart quickened with these words: ‘trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.’

Jeth pondered why, when those words from the book of Proverbs were not part of his morning inspirational word, would skip into his heart and persist there. He had his bath, his morning cup of ginger tea and still, the words lingered and repeated themselves again and again in his heart.

Unable to stop himself from doing so, he mulled over them as he drove to church for the nine-thirty a.m. service. But once inside the church, and service opened with songs of praise and worship, he cast off the ponderings, buried the words, and immersed himself in worship.

Mercenary Wife – 10


He was relaxing on a coca cola—a couple of bottles of coca cola, Simon amended, drawing a satisfying sip. Paul was with him, avoiding his coca cola by wetting his gullet with a pack of juice.

It was the exact date, three months ago, when he’d exchanged vows with his wife at a glamorous wedding the city of Port Harcourt, and maybe beyond its boundaries, still talked about. It was two months, not quite exact but close enough, since his marriage had taken the shape he’d always dreamed it would.

“You look happy.”

Simon looked at his cousin—his brother and his best friend—and grinned. “I am happy.” Two months, more or less, it’s been happy days for him—and her.

“Good to hear… and see.” Paul commented, paused, sipped. “You and Richelle all right now?”

Simon laughed at his curious question and searching eyes. “We are.” He took a drink and aimed a wink. “Always told you we were and will be. But you never listen.”

Mercenary Wife – 9



It has been a good past few days. Simon decided good best qualified it. It was too early, too uncertain for blissful.

They shared the bed every night but he hasn’t fully moved back into the Master bedroom. He hesitated to do so. He still wasn’t sure of her. He had forgiven her. It had happened without his being aware when it did. He loved her. That was incontestable and unchangeable. And he seemed to love her more with each time he took her into his arms and made love with her.

But he still wasn’t sure of her true feelings for him.

She would never again betray him with another man. He knew that and knew it more with each shared stroke of passion every night. But was her heart his yet? That he wasn’t quite certain of and it haunted him because he wanted more than just her willingly-offered body.

He wanted more than her passion and her fidelity. He wanted her love. The one thing he was certain she’d never given to any man. Her love, pure, undiluted, unconditional… only his.

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