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My Heart’s Song – 2




JETH didn’t like the state of his thoughts in the last two days. He wasn’t the kind of man… had stopped being the kind of man to completely steep his thoughts on a woman.

But the baffling thing was that he wasn’t the one steeping his thoughts on her. She was the one steeping herself into his thoughts. She absorbed his every thought of her own will and he seemed helpless to do anything but—just think of her.

He couldn’t even concentrate on work, Jeth sighed and rubbed his eyes. What kind of a man went to church and instead of concentrating on his Creator, focused his heart and thoughts on some singing woman, huh?

“Lord, have mercy on me!” He muttered into his palms. “Clear my mind off her.”

But he knew it was a futile prayer. Hadn’t he prayed it to no avail since Sunday and yet still thought of her? Either God considered his persistent thoughts of her something he could master of his own will, or it was him willing the thoughts.

Heavens! Now he was putting this on God? Jeth shook his head and pushed off his chair. He desperately needed help to sanitize, or at least clarify, his thoughts, and there was only one person he could turn to when God wasn’t forthcoming. As forthcoming as he wanted, Jeth amended as he marched out of his office.

It didn’t take long for him to arrive his brother’s Engineering and Construction office at Trans Amadi Layout.

My Heart’s Song – 1

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JETH always believed that when he was ready for love and for marriage, he would feel a certain kind of quickening in his spirit. A foreknowledge elucidated by a possible growing feeling of an emptiness that hadn’t been there before and that required filling. It would be nothing impulsive, nothing unanticipated and definitely, nothing sudden. It would instead be a slow, steady and meditatively thought out feeling and he would find himself prepared, in every way, to take whatever steps were demanded of him.

He had thought like this most of his adult life. Well, not quite most of it. But long enough that he couldn’t recall never thinking that way.

But he was not thinking love… or marriage, when he roused from his bed that morning. They still were not conceived in his thoughts when as he knelt for his morning devotion, his heart quickened with these words: ‘trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.’

Jeth pondered why, when those words from the book of Proverbs were not part of his morning inspirational word, would skip into his heart and persist there. He had his bath, his morning cup of ginger tea and still, the words lingered and repeated themselves again and again in his heart.

Unable to stop himself from doing so, he mulled over them as he drove to church for the nine-thirty a.m. service. But once inside the church, and service opened with songs of praise and worship, he cast off the ponderings, buried the words, and immersed himself in worship.

Mercenary Wife – 10


He was relaxing on a coca cola—a couple of bottles of coca cola, Simon amended, drawing a satisfying sip. Paul was with him, avoiding his coca cola by wetting his gullet with a pack of juice.

It was the exact date, three months ago, when he’d exchanged vows with his wife at a glamorous wedding the city of Port Harcourt, and maybe beyond its boundaries, still talked about. It was two months, not quite exact but close enough, since his marriage had taken the shape he’d always dreamed it would.

“You look happy.”

Simon looked at his cousin—his brother and his best friend—and grinned. “I am happy.” Two months, more or less, it’s been happy days for him—and her.

“Good to hear… and see.” Paul commented, paused, sipped. “You and Richelle all right now?”

Simon laughed at his curious question and searching eyes. “We are.” He took a drink and aimed a wink. “Always told you we were and will be. But you never listen.”

Mercenary Wife – 9



It has been a good past few days. Simon decided good best qualified it. It was too early, too uncertain for blissful.

They shared the bed every night but he hasn’t fully moved back into the Master bedroom. He hesitated to do so. He still wasn’t sure of her. He had forgiven her. It had happened without his being aware when it did. He loved her. That was incontestable and unchangeable. And he seemed to love her more with each time he took her into his arms and made love with her.

But he still wasn’t sure of her true feelings for him.

She would never again betray him with another man. He knew that and knew it more with each shared stroke of passion every night. But was her heart his yet? That he wasn’t quite certain of and it haunted him because he wanted more than just her willingly-offered body.

He wanted more than her passion and her fidelity. He wanted her love. The one thing he was certain she’d never given to any man. Her love, pure, undiluted, unconditional… only his.

Mercenary Wife – 8



Simon stretched on the bed and blinked his eyes open. He had barely slept. He had found it hard to sleep after he’d returned to what he abstractedly considered his bedroom.

He pressed his fingers against his eyes as he pulled himself to sitting position. He had slept with her… had sex with her… made love to her… and he couldn’t believe that he had done it. It had started as an act of fury, a punishment. But somewhere in between his mouth devouring her mouth and his eyes beholding her naked form, it had changed and stopped being a punishment he was desperate to mete out.

What had started in fury has ended in love. For him at least, Simon thought and pushed to his feet, tossing aside the woollen cover.

She’d wanted him to stay. He’d been tempted to stay. But of course, he couldn’t. He stood in the bathroom and stared at the wall mirror. The bruise on his mouth was faded but the swelling on the lower lip was still visible. The pain on his body was still perceptible too. He had dared to come to his house; to come after his wife. Maybe he shouldn’t have fought… beat him up, Simon amended to his pride’s satisfaction. Maybe he should have had his idiot ass arrested instead.

He opened the cabinet underneath the mirror and took out the toothpaste and his toothbrush. He couldn’t have resisted pounding on the damned fool, he thought as his stomach clenched with remembered fury. He breathed purposely, lifted his toothbrush and killed off the fury as he blanked his mind and brushed his teeth.

Done, he tugged off his pyjamas and decided for a cold shower. It would further clear his thoughts.

Mercenary Wife – 7


It had been a long week. Not a bad one; but a long trying one. She hadn’t quite earned his forgiveness. Maybe she’d expected… well no, hoped that her apology would do magic. But it hadn’t performed the slate-wiping miracle she’d unconsciously been hoping for. Whilst he was less aloof with her, he still maintained a certain distance from her.

It had been something of a great shock to actually realise that he’d indeed hired someone to tail and stalk her. But she couldn’t blame him for taking such extreme, intrusive actions. She’d broken his trust and she was finding out that it would take more than just words to heal the wound she’d inflicted on him and to win back his trust.

He’d moved back to the guestroom two days ago after the splint had been taken off his hand. She’d hoped that he would not. She’d hoped that one of the nights he’d spent on the bed and she on the couch, that he would invite her into the bed… to lie beside him if nothing else.

He hadn’t invited her into the massive double bed and he’d kept his eyes averted each time she’d chosen to dress and undress in his presence.

She was now convinced that he wasn’t at all the type of man to yield to the baser nature of his flesh. And whilst that was becoming something she admired in him, it was also the source of her greatest frustration at the moment, as it left her more confounded than ever on how to win him over. If sex was useless, then what other weapon has she got? Trying to act subdued… well, she wasn’t exactly acting. She has not been her usual carefree, confident-in-her-feminine-power self lately, and that wasn’t pretence.

Mercenary Wife – 6


He had been in an accident. Another car had rammed into his own and shoved him—his car—against another car. The car was… Richelle didn’t know what state the car was in and she bloody didn’t care!

She didn’t care, not about the car. Not about the other cars that had been involved in the accident… or about their stupid drivers. She only cared about him. She only cared that he was lying on that too-narrow bed hospitals usually had and that he was breathing and that though he wasn’t looking at her, his eyes were open and that they could still see.

He could still see. He could still talk. He was alive. Period. That was all she cared about. Married just ten days and some crazy driver thought they could make a widow out of her? Idiots who shouldn’t be on the highway!

“Are you in pain?” He seemed to be trying to adjust his body and Richelle reached for his right hand. His left hand was immobilised by a splint. He had several cuts and wounds on the hand and it was supposed to heal faster if it was locked from unnecessary movements. It was thankfully the biggest of his injuries. The rest were just minor bruises on his forehead and chin.

“Of course, he’s in pain!” Abigail snapped.

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