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My Heart’s Song – 9



So when are we going to meet her?”

Jeth swept up his head at his brother’s question. “We just started dating.”

“Which is why I’m finally broaching the subject of us meeting her despite our impatience to do so all these while.” Ethan returned equably. “She’s now your girl and we’d like to draw her into the family circle and make her feel a part of us.”

“I’d rather give it sometime. Shiloh is big on taking things one step at a time and she still teases me that I hotfooted her into this relationship.” Jeth picked the jar of pepper and sprayed a dash over the chicken curry sauce. “I don’t want her feeling like this is some kind of pressure-mounting move bringing her to meet the family.”

“That is the one thing I already love about her: her name Shiloh.” Gloria said with an appreciative smile. “It’s such a lovely name and not so popularly used. Anyway, I do agree with Jeth on this. Let’s give them time to be with each other without the seeming interference of family and friends; and when they are most comfortable, she can be brought over to meet us all. We’re not going anywhere after all.”

“Sometimes, meeting a man’s family helps a woman become more comfortable in her relationship with the man.” Ethan argued because he was impatient to meet the woman his little brother was dating. He didn’t want to scrutinise her per se. He just wanted to know her. “I just want her to know that we are in support of their relationship. Marriage, after all here in Africa, is about families and not just the couple.”

“We are not talking marriage yet, so simmer down, bros.”

My Heart’s Song – 8



SHILOH was listless even as she leafed through the pages of Before Amen. It felt like she bore a colossus weight right at the centre of her heart and that her mind was drained and sapped of every mental strength.

She liked him.

Kind of.

Well, not kind of. She really did like him. He was a little bit on the conservative side and a trifle too earnest for her usual taste, but she liked his unassuming good looks. Physical looks were always important to her. Not too remarkable, you started to feel competitive or too insignificant, you started to consider the word “ugly” as a possible descriptive adjective.

She liked a manageable balance. And Jeth possessed that manageable balance. He was also persistent to the point that you admired him even when you were exasperated. Then he had a great sense of humour, had a love for good food, good music and good movies and then he was thoughtful and kindly in his ways. But best of all—he had and plainly showed his respect for her mind and her choices.

She hadn’t given him an answer and he hadn’t pressured her.

It had been obvious that he’d had his hopes dashed; which can be hurtful for anyone. But he had only smiled, asked her to take her time and think about his request and then shifted the conversation to other things for the rest of their evening out.

It’s been a week now and though they continued to talk regularly and they’d even gone out for an early dinner after Thursday’s evening service, he hadn’t broached the subject or put her under any pressure.

My Heart’s Song – 7




JETH sidled through the throng of exiting worshippers and paced his steps when he came side by side of her. “Bless you, Sister.”

Shiloh angled her head. Then rolled her eyes at him. “Did you at least pay attention to the Man of God during service?”

“I did and was wholesomely blessed by his teaching.” Jeth grinned. “I really did, no fibbing. There were a few distracting moments when my mind wanted to wonder if you were also in church. But I took charge and made it listen to the Word.” He paused, enjoying the way her light painted mouth twitched in amusement. “Knowing that the Word would give wisdom to my mind, courage to my heart and swiftness to my feet.” H gently nudged her through the open entranceway. “And that he who is the Word himself would give me the right word to whisper into your ears.”

“But you are not whispering.” He wasn’t but his deep voice and his nearness were making her feel some faint tingles.

“The whispering is for the right time and the right place.” Jeth stopped with her beside the fruit drinks seller. “May I do the honours?” He asked, fishing in his pocket for his wallet.

“No.” Shiloh objected and paid for the drinks. Then she passed him one.

My Heart’s Song – 6




He was excited and Jeth couldn’t help it. She was at last giving him a chance to come into her life. She didn’t have to say anything yet for him to know that if she’d accepted to go out with him, she was invariably accepting to let him into her life. And if she was accepting him into her life, she would someday let him into her heart.

He hoped so—and much sooner than later.

He pulled up beside the wrought iron fence and switched off the engine of his car. He felt nervous. It surprised Jeth that he was. He wasn’t usually the nervous type. And it wasn’t excitement breeding the nervousness. He was just nervous; nervous that he might disappoint her. Nervous that this evening might not meet her expectations of a first date. Many people, women especially, put a lot of score on how a relationship would turn out from their judgement of the first date.

Maybe he shouldn’t have picked seeing a movie for their first date. It was so clichéd and predictable, wasn’t it? Maybe dinner at some classy restaurant would have been better. That too was clichéd, but at least it sounded more mature and original.

Too late. He’d made the invitation and she’d accepted—which was the most important factor. Jeth forced himself to relax, stepped down from the car and aimed towards the black painted pedestrian gate.

He knocked on the bronze wood door a neighbour had pointed out.

She opened after about a minute and her easy friendly smile drove away whatever lingering nervousness he still held inside.

“Hello. You’re right on time. Punctuality is always an attractive trait.” Shiloh stepped back from the door. “Want to come in a minute before we get going?”

My Heart’s Song – 5




JETH had thought of her all week long. He had spoken with her more times than he’d imagined himself capable of speaking with anyone over the phone. She never forgot to tease him that he was hounding her with calls. But much as he would have liked to back off and give her some space, he simply couldn’t.

His constant thinking of her wouldn’t allow him to. And the feelings that were already growing inside of him for her, obstinately fought against any demand for good sense.

“I think my heart has chosen the one it wants to love.” He sighed aloud.

Ethan raised his eyes from his mobile phone’s Solitaire game. They were both home alone. Gloria has taken the kids along with her to Abuja to spend the weekend with Sophie and her new-born. It would have been a good boys’ time for both of them, except that Jeth has been mostly absent-minded and morose.

“Is that right?” So finally the day they’ve all been waiting has come. He would have to update the ladies. “Would the one your heart is choosing to love be she with the remarkable voice from church?”

“Who else could it be? I can’t stop thinking about her. She’s always on my mind.” Jeth moved his legs restlessly on the sofa. “Do you think it’s too soon to be feeling this way for her?”

My Heart’s Song – 4




SHILOH knocked on the white primed panel door and opened at the entry invitation.

“Yes, sir?” She said to the burly man behind the oval cherry-wood desk, her expression a respectful demeanour. With his Personal Assistant on a short leave, she was the interim manning the Managing Director’s PA’s office.

“Ah yes, Shiloh. I need a small matter resolved at Regency Travel and Tours. It’s a travel agency along the stadium road. She, my wife that is, would have handled this but she has a lot of commitments today.” Mr Abi’s slightly scratchy voice thrummed with a note of apology. “There are changes in her travel arrangements to Dubai. It appears she would be going along with her niece. The travel agency has been notified but they require these documents.” He handed over a brown envelope. “Could you have this delivered to them, please? Jimi would take you.”

“All right, sir.” Shiloh dipped her head. “Would that be all, sir?”

“Yes. Thank you, Shiloh.” Mr Abi gave her a grateful smile.

“I’ll get to it then.” Shiloh smiled as she turned to step out of the office.

This was her third month with the company and so far, she’s been grateful she got the job at the security services company. The pay wasn’t bad, the hours were conducive and above all, she worked for a conscientious employer. Something that had prompted her resignation from her job in Lagos and her travel down to join her mother in Port Harcourt.

Regency Travel and Tours occupied the top floor of the three-storey office building. Shiloh aimed straight for the reception desk and the pretty Front Desk Officer behind it.

My Heart’s Song – 3




SHILOH rummaged her wardrobe, certain she had a new pack of sanitary towels in there.

“I bought a new pack when I realised I had only two towels left from my last month’s pack. I never stay without a fresh pack handy.”

From her reclined position on the lounge chair in her bedroom, Joy rolled her eyes at the muffled complaining words. “Maybe you thought you bought a new pack but actually didn’t.”

“I did buy it!” Shiloh yanked her head out of the tees-session of her wardrobe to glare at the opened doorway that walked through a foyer into her mother’s bedroom.

“Okay, don’t bite off your mother’s head. She’s only an innocent bystander.” Joy’s voice was full of laughter. “Now, I would be a suspect but nature has put me on the no-red-dots lists for life.”

“This is not a joke, mum. I have a new pack in this house. I bought it just two weeks ago when I shopped for Provisions.” Shiloh dropped to her knees and fished her hand around the last compartment of the wardrobe.

Not that there was much to ransack through there. It was the part of the wardrobe where she dumped easy-wear shoes, sandals and slip-ons. And of course, it wasn’t there. It wouldn’t be, Shiloh grumped, pushing back to her feet. She never put it there. It was always kept in the upper part of the wardrobe, along with her cosmetics and makeup bag.

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