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One More Time… And Forever – 11




He hated when he woke up with indistinct throbs on his temple that were nothing short of foretelling signs of impending headaches, a bout of fever, or worse, malaria.

He couldn’t stand being sick and mostly because he couldn’t stand taking medications. Or worse, injections. And he’d be darned if he was going to allow anything that might bring about any of those sneak in, Chima decided and spent most of the day in bed, resting his body, mind and spirit, and keeping sickness at bay.

By the time he was all set for his movie date with Tamara, he felt better and considering the battle against any incoming sickness won, he was all cheer and high spirit.

Well, who knew playing big brother and taking your sister to the movies could be this entertaining? He thought with unrestrained amusement, listening to Tamara chat vibrantly and just about any subject. She wanted to become a caterer, it seemed. Or a restaurant owner. Or maybe both. She wasn’t yet decided but she loved cooking, baking, doing anything that meant food and kitchen, and that was her focus in life.

She asked his opinion. And that was another spot of surprise and pleasure, that she wanted to know what he thought of her career choice. That she would listen attentively and with plain sombreness when he gave it. And that she would make it a point to brag to her friend, Becca, when she’d called that she was going to the movie with her big brother.

One More Time… And Forever – 10




He thought he had a right to her. He’d never thought so before when they were together. In those days, he thought of her as he thought of any woman he dated—only as a sexual partner.

He was a man and sex was important. Sex was natural and women were there to satisfy that natural yen.

But she’d changed that. Without him noticing; not consciously enough at least. He’d stayed with her longer than he’d stayed with any of his lovers. He’d fallen in love with her, like he’d never fallen in love before. Like he would never again fall in love. He’d run away from her and from that love. But he couldn’t escape. Not her and not that love.

And so, he thought, now, that he had a right to her. As she had a right to him. For him, there was to be no other woman. For her, he was the only man.

Maybe thinking that way made him arrogant.

All right, it wasn’t ‘maybe’, Chima granted with a snorted sigh as he smoothly overtook the Kia hatchback. He was acting arrogant. Thinking arrogant. Definitely showing himself to be self-assured and over-confident to the point of haughtiness.

One More Time… And Forever – 9




The day she found them together, Marie was astride Chima, her naked butt arched back and she riding him in a slow-fast-paced rhythm, and Chima making grunting noises that melded with her own.

The air had reeked with the smell of sex. Raw, naked, dirty sex. But it was her svelte naked body, that silhouette of lean, fluid muscles, that had rendered her immobile. For a moment, she couldn’t define the length of that moment, but for that timeless moment, she had lost her ability to breath, her ability to think, even her ability to feel.

It had looked like a slow-motion movie where the actors where doing a dance that involved undulating movements.

Then he had moved his head, he had seen her and he had called out her name.


One More Time… And Forever – 8



Chima was as moody as the devil. Moodier if that was possible. He prowled his office attached to the Dreams Table Water factory like a bear with a boil on its arse. That was Uche’s description, grunted out a minute ago and both him and his irritating comparison were making Chima’s mood worse.

“So, it’s certain now that she’s dating this Bernard guy?”

Chima growled a cuss, kicked the bin he had by his table.

That was his response and Uche took it as such. “Damn, I did say you were going to run her into the arms of another man if you hounded her too closely.” He said, then blew out a breath and added in a considering tone. “But might be she really wants this guy and is not after running from you at all.”

“She doesn’t want Naeto!” Because the temptation to stamp his foot itched, Chima planted both feet in place on the wood tiled floor. “She saw Marie with me at Zen Garden and misread the situation.”

One More Time… And Forever – 7




Kobi bustled into her car, pulled into the driveway and waved to the mall’s security personnel as she drove through the mall’s double slide gates. She was eager to be with Naeto. She’d been looking forward to spending this evening with him. She wanted to hear about his day, share about her day with him. She wanted to sit with him, talk with him, bond with him… and start becoming a part of him and of his life.

She wanted, more than anything else, for their relationship to work.

“Oh, I was so looking forward to you coming over straight from the store. I already have a bottle of wine chilled and waiting to be opened.”

His subtly accented voice rolled into her ear making Kobi’s mouth curl with pleasure. “Keep the wine chilling a little longer. I’m only making one stop before I hit your end. I would have had one of the delivery guys take care of this but I promised Mummy Brown I’ll handle it myself. She’s just off Anthony, so it’s all en route and not out of my way.”

“Don’t let her stall you with church gossip. What Pastor James did over the week isn’t important tonight.”

One More Time… And Forever – 6




He attacked the can of baked beans with a manual opener, swore when the content spilled, and out of impatience, dumped the can and its leftover content into the bin. He was strung up. No, he countered the thought, scratching in between his eyes, he was angry, at himself, at her, at the bleeding whole wide world.

He’d had a bad week. A bad ten days since he, without logical thought, had stormed her office and had achieved nothing but alienating her even more from him. And yesterday night, when stupidity had told him to call her official store manager’s line, he’d done the worst.

His phone rang and he cussed. Then cussed again when his jittery heart and sore pride wished it would be her. Of course it wouldn’t be her, and simply because she would never call him—not that evening, at least. Inhaling and working through his distorted emotions, he strode out of the kitchen and lifted the phone from the arm of the sofa as it started to ring again.

“Damn it!” He swore at the readout. It was his mother. His mother, and his relationship with her, was something he liked to avoid.

One More Time… And Forever – 5




It has been a busy week and some. Maybe it was the rain infecting people with the fever to make impulsive purchases or maybe it was the exchange rates galloping downwards every now and again, whichever it was, the store has been busy and Kobi was grateful for it.

She hasn’t seen him since he stormed into her office and talked his nonsense and dared to kiss her. She didn’t want to see him. She’d be happier yet if she heard, by chance, that he’d left Lagos once again.

She hasn’t seen Naeto either. Just a quick lunch-break stopover four days ago when he told her that he was travelling home for a family affair. He’d invited her along to his younger sister’s wedding but she’d been relieved to wave the store as her excuse. She wasn’t yet ready to slide into the meet-the-family part of a relationship, especially when she wasn’t sure yet—wasn’t sure anymore which way their relationship was headed.

Naeto wanted more. She didn’t.

But she missed him.

Sort of.

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