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One More Time… And Forever – 7




Kobi bustled into her car, pulled into the driveway and waved to the mall’s security personnel as she drove through the mall’s double slide gates. She was eager to be with Naeto. She’d been looking forward to spending this evening with him. She wanted to hear about his day, share about her day with him. She wanted to sit with him, talk with him, bond with him… and start becoming a part of him and of his life.

She wanted, more than anything else, for their relationship to work.

“Oh, I was so looking forward to you coming over straight from the store. I already have a bottle of wine chilled and waiting to be opened.”

His subtly accented voice rolled into her ear making Kobi’s mouth curl with pleasure. “Keep the wine chilling a little longer. I’m only making one stop before I hit your end. I would have had one of the delivery guys take care of this but I promised Mummy Brown I’ll handle it myself. She’s just off Anthony, so it’s all en route and not out of my way.”

“Don’t let her stall you with church gossip. What Pastor James did over the week isn’t important tonight.”

One More Time… And Forever – 6




He attacked the can of baked beans with a manual opener, swore when the content spilled, and out of impatience, dumped the can and its leftover content into the bin. He was strung up. No, he countered the thought, scratching in between his eyes, he was angry, at himself, at her, at the bleeding whole wide world.

He’d had a bad week. A bad ten days since he, without logical thought, had stormed her office and had achieved nothing but alienating her even more from him. And yesterday night, when stupidity had told him to call her official store manager’s line, he’d done the worst.

His phone rang and he cussed. Then cussed again when his jittery heart and sore pride wished it would be her. Of course it wouldn’t be her, and simply because she would never call him—not that evening, at least. Inhaling and working through his distorted emotions, he strode out of the kitchen and lifted the phone from the arm of the sofa as it started to ring again.

“Damn it!” He swore at the readout. It was his mother. His mother, and his relationship with her, was something he liked to avoid.

One More Time… And Forever – 5




It has been a busy week and some. Maybe it was the rain infecting people with the fever to make impulsive purchases or maybe it was the exchange rates galloping downwards every now and again, whichever it was, the store has been busy and Kobi was grateful for it.

She hasn’t seen him since he stormed into her office and talked his nonsense and dared to kiss her. She didn’t want to see him. She’d be happier yet if she heard, by chance, that he’d left Lagos once again.

She hasn’t seen Naeto either. Just a quick lunch-break stopover four days ago when he told her that he was travelling home for a family affair. He’d invited her along to his younger sister’s wedding but she’d been relieved to wave the store as her excuse. She wasn’t yet ready to slide into the meet-the-family part of a relationship, especially when she wasn’t sure yet—wasn’t sure anymore which way their relationship was headed.

Naeto wanted more. She didn’t.

But she missed him.

Sort of.

One More Time… And Forever – 4




She had indeed loved him like she’d never loved any man before. He’d known it because she’d bared her heart open to him, shared all that was inside of her, all that she’d felt for him with him without holding anything back. She’d loved him without restrain and without reservation, and in same way, she’d given herself to him.

He had been her world, her everything.

And he had destroyed that world and everything he’d meant to her.

She no longer loved him. She would never again love him. She would never again love any man. She was done with love, with men and with relationships.

She wished he hadn’t come back to Lagos.

Kobi stared morosely at the paced traffic. She wished he hadn’t waylaid… okay, maybe he hadn’t actually waylaid her Monday night but it sure had felt like it. It had startled her hearing his voice so close to her ear. It had stirred up a feeling of helpless infuriation having to listen to him talk in his usual self-assured manner. And it had been a quick slash of pain his reminding her of what she’d once felt for him.

One More Time… And Forever – 3




He’d always known he would come back to Lagos. It was a city whose vitality and vivacity roared in his blood. It was where he’d been born, where he’d grown into a man, where he’d sown his wild oats, where he’d make his mistakes and repaired some. But he hadn’t known he would come back for her.

He had left the city, not exactly running from her, but he had returned to it, only because of her.

He wanted her back, desperately.

He wanted her his, like she’d never been before. And he intended to have her. That was non-negotiable. She was his, his for the taking and Chima didn’t care if he was chauvinistically arrogant thinking that way. His wasn’t interested in his motives or means, just in attaining his goal.

“Why exactly are you after her?”

He set down the blender right beside the microwave and turned. Uche was slanted against the door jamb and watching him with his hands jammed in his pockets and his expression, half suspicious.

“Because I want her back.” He bent and lifted the electric stove and wondered why he’d bought it. He wasn’t much of the cooking type and there was the one burner gas cooker already. “I want her for my wife.”

One More Time… And Forever – 2




Mid-April didn’t always come with heavy downpour and thundering storms. But it seemed to be doing so this year. It certainly was doing so that morning. The roar of rumbling thunder accompanied by the whistling crack of lightning rent the air and Kobi winced, ducking even though she was safe under the shelter of her veranda.

She would call in sick, but she never called in sick. She never took excuses, worked on holidays when it was required and beat all her targets. It was how she’d wound up store manager of one of Lagos’ biggest retail stores in just four years.

Hard work kept her grounded and animated. It kept her from losing her mind. So, she would go in today, stormy downpour or not, and she would have a good day at work.

Inhaling, Kobi flipped open her umbrella and walked into the rain.

One More Time… And Forever – 1

EPISODES: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7



Kobi dressed for dinner with a trepidation that worried her. It was Naeto and she enjoyed being with him. She liked him. There was even an unconscious attraction but… but there were no deep feelings.

She wasn’t in love with him.

That was what worried her, wasn’t it? She didn’t love him. She didn’t want to love him.

She was incapable of loving him.

Kobi frowned at her image in the wood-framed standing mirror as her mind swirled with that last thought. She didn’t believe in love, not anymore. Oh, she knew that love existed and that it was possible between a man and a woman. But she knew also that it didn’t exist for her. Not in this lifetime, if people had more than one.

How many times had she loved and longed, begged, to be loved in return?

Too many times. She’d stopped counting. She’d stopped hoping. She’d stopped waiting. She’d stopped loving. Her heart was frozen—closed off. Not by desire or by enforcement. It had just frozen up on its own, having suffered too many wounds, it’d learned to protect itself.

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