oNce... 2-in-1-Novel

Phantom Caller

The phone rang. Reena picked it. “Hello.” “I’m at the door.” “Come to the door.” “Who are you?” “I’m waiting.” The call clicked off. Reena dropped the phone and stared at the door. She shifted her gaze to the wall…


2017 – HOORAY!

Hooray, it’s 2017! We made it!!! I simply want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and a year wrought with PROSPERITY, GOOD HEALTH, DIVINE PROTECTION, UNIMAGINABLE BREAKTHROUGHS, UNENDING BLESSINGS & MIND-BLOWING SUCCESSES. Welcome to 2017. Sit back, raise your…


2016 – in review

A couple of hours more to go. It’s amazing how we’ve come from January 1st 2016 to December 31st 2016. 366 days almost gone, with only a few meagre hours left to call the year a day. I bet we…


WN 6 – Don’t be Complacent

Complacency stops us from higher goals and achieving greater things. When a person is complacent, he will stop living — he will simply exist. And when a person is simply existing, the joy of living will not be found in…

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