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    Pretend Engagement – on e-stores

    It’s finally happened… Pretend Engagement is live on the Tenth Magic Press e-bookstore and Okadabooks, yay!

    The gist of my losing the file twice will be for another day.

    Pretend Engagement is the first of my new Magic Romance Series where we meet small town folks and they show us they’re all about the drama.

    It’s a story of learning to love yourself for who you are, accepting you deserve love, falling in love in unexpected places, and fighting against all odds to make sure you stand with your head held high.

    It’s my first publishing this year 2020, and I simply want to thank everyone who in one way or another made it a reality. I thank God, as always, for inspiration. And I thank you, my readers, for being here.

    Links to purchase sites below. Go do your thing.

    Oh, and P.S. before I add the formal bits.

    Pretend Engagement is a 20-chapter novel. Our free posting here on the blog stopped at chapter 15. So, you can continue to chapter 16 or begin anew. I’ll counsel the latter as editing has added a few tweaks.

    And that’s it. Follow the links, and enjoy a great read. Cheers

    Title : Pretend Engagement

    Author : Sophia Bernard

    Publisher : Tenth Magic Press

    Cover Design : TM David-West

    Launch Sale Price :  ₦500 (until 31 March 2020)

    Regular Price :  ₦700

    BLURB: Desperate to prove she was over her ex, Callista enlists the help of her good friend, Mario, to be her pretend boyfriend. And while Mario is not a man comfortable with deception, he’s not adverse to putting the arrogant and self-important Chukwudi Udolisa down a peg, or two.

    But it soon stops being a game of pretense when feelings they never expected starts growing. And it would be perfect bliss, except that Chukwudi isn’t willing to accept rejected from anyone. Especially from a woman he considered beneath him.

    From a pretend game to true love, and then to kidnap, blackmail and retribution. Pretend Engagement…in Magic Romance it’s all about small towns and big dramas.

    PDF Version : HERE


    For enquiries : send email to: tmdavidwest@gmail.com OR sophiabernard198@gmail.com.

    Cover Design : TM David-West
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  • Reply Joan March 7, 2020 at 6:11 pm

    Congratulations author. More ink to your pen

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