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    Recycling gifts… right or wrong?

    A lady had a wedding to attend. She woke up that Saturday morning, had her bath, dressed up in nice clothes and picked up her car key to leave the house.

    Then she remembered that she didn’t buy the about-to-wed couple a present.

    Oh dang! What was she going to do now? It was surely too late to start running around town looking for a gift.

    After a few minutes of mulling over the matter, she marched into the storeroom, rummaged through the stacks of yet unopened boxes, grabbed one and exited the room.

    Her hands working expertly, she tore off the faded paper wrapper around the box, studied the gift for a few seconds, decided it would do and covered with a new wrapper.

    She scribbled on her name, took up her car key again and left the house, pleased with herself.

    The only problem, and one she didn’t notice, was that the gift she was taking to go present her friend and her new husband was the same one her girlfriend gave to her and her own husband a year and six months ago.


    Hey, does this sound like a familiar scenario?

    It does for me, I freely confess. I am guilty of recycling gifts. I have done this before. Actually, M and I did it. We had a wedding to attend and snatched up one of our wedding gifts and went with it. No one was none the wiser because we didn’t make the mistake in the scenario above.

    But I’ve been thinking about it lately after reading a joke on something like this and I want to ask: recycling gifts, giving out something given to you because you are not using it, is it right or wrong?

    • Does it show a level of thoughtlessness and nonchalance because you didn’t really make the effort to give this person or people a present of their own when you do this?
    • Does it show a disregard for the one who gave you the gift?
    • Should we be re-wrapping gifts and presenting them to others?

    Let’s talk, please.

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  • Reply Iyke David January 25, 2019 at 11:12 am

    It doesn’t matter as long as you are not in ‘need’ of the present
    But to return it to the giver is a very very bad idea

    • Reply TM David-West January 25, 2019 at 2:05 pm

      I agree, returning the gift is definitely not an option

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