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Lena’s Christmas Wish – 1

It had come again, another Christmas. The Christmas lights on the streets, the carols resounding everywhere, the spirit of gaiety in the air, the hike in prices—the hike in prices especially got to her. Like wasn’t Christmas supposed to be…


Ndubuisi – 7

The days have been drowned in a long bout of relentless downpour. It had rained all of Sunday evening and that rain had escorted them home from Osita’s place in Idemili. The after-effect of the rain had given Ndubuisi a…


Ndubuisi – 6

HER entire first week working in the school had been an experience. That was how she saw it—a chance at a new experience. An experience, especially when it was new, was not always a happy one. It wasn’t always an…


Ndubuisi – 5

NO one is better than you. We are all equal. That is how God made us all: equal. She always trusted her mother’s words. She grew up thinking of them as words filled with wisdom. But this morning, after she…


Ndubuisi – 4

THE sun was eager to exhibit its competency, it seemed. It was an hour off midday and yet, the sun had taken a centred spot on the skies and was blazing its beams mercilessly on those who dared to brave…


Ndubuisi – 3

IF the lizard did not puff up its chest in courage to take the jump from the rooftop, then it would not have the chance to nod its head in pride at its landing. Her mother used to tell her…

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