sex talk

Sex Talk

Kiss & Tell

It’s Let’s Talk Sex Friday, people, and I am… uh, I’ve got my lazy-hat on today, gotta confess. Don’t want to think much and don’t want to work much… it’s Friday, give me a break! Lol. Today, I want us…

Sex Talk

Sex: Pleasure or Torture?

Hey people, it’s another Thank-God-it’s-Friday and we are at Let’s talk Sex chat post again. How’s the week been for you? Already on your way home after putting in a hard day? Whatever the case, get in here, relax and…

Sex Talk


Uh-hmm, you read that heading right: Let’s talk Sex and today, let’s talk: Kissing. It helps when we “know” what we are talking about, right? So, Wikipedia defines Kissing as the touch or pressing of one’s lips against another person…

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