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Definitely Sealed – #9

TELLING your parents you’re dying would be way easier than telling them you’re getting a divorce, Kristi realised the next morning when she decided to brave it and face off the bull. “You want to what?” Her mother first reacted,…


Definitely Sealed – #8

SINCE she’d showed up at the pharmacy on a surprise visit and with a surprise invitation to dinner, Levi had had no other choice but to take her along to the interview rendezvous at the restaurant. “Why are we heading…


Definitely Sealed – #7

THE lawyer listened to them with quiet patience on his face, like they were two quibbling toddlers requiring assurance from a grown-up, Levi thought. “You know when she actually left you two the restaurant?” Kingston Akalue asked when Levi was…


Definitely Sealed – #6

He called Zikora once he was heading out of Yaba. “Oh, you’re too late. I’ve already made plans with the girls. We’re going to see a movie and then dinner at Barcelos. Sorry, baby.” She let out a soft laugh….


Definitely Sealed – #5

“It’s not going to work. We can barely stay in the same room for longer than five minutes. Her death only momentarily put aside our differences but did not eliminate it.” Kristi lamented to Cheta inside the warm and aroma-scented…


Definitely Sealed – #4

She wept with Chioma too, the young woman who kept house for Mama. Three or four neighbours came in, wept too. Mama had been dearly loved. She’d been ‘mama’ to many. She’d been mama, a second mother, to Kristi. Her…


Definitely Sealed – #3

Some clients made being an efficient professional twice as hard to pull off. Kristi was presently sitting across one of such clients and her jaw was starting to feel stiff from the effort of her amicable smile. “I just want…

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