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My Heart’s Song – 5

MHS EPISODES CHAPTER FIVE  ♫  JETH had thought of her all week long. He had spoken with her more times than he’d imagined himself capable of speaking with anyone over the phone. She never forgot to tease him that he…


My Heart’s Song – 4

MHS EPISODES CHAPTER FOUR  ♫  SHILOH knocked on the white primed panel door and opened at the entry invitation. “Yes, sir?” She said to the burly man behind the oval cherry-wood desk, her expression a respectful demeanour. With his Personal…


Purchase Via Recharge Cards

Happy weekend, everyone. This is just a short announcement for those who are having difficulties making purchases via the LS e-Store or Okadabooks and who are not also interested in offline bank transfer purchases. You can now purchase all our…



Uh-hmm, you read that heading right: Let’s talk Sex and today, let’s talk: Kissing. It helps when we “know” what we are talking about, right? So, Wikipedia defines Kissing as the touch or pressing of one’s lips against another person…


My Heart’s Song – 3

MHS EPISODES CHAPTER THREE  ♫  SHILOH rummaged her wardrobe, certain she had a new pack of sanitary towels in there. “I bought a new pack when I realised I had only two towels left from my last month’s pack. I…

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