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Midnight Dance

SHE wheeled her suitcase down the lone street. She needed to find a hotel; definitely not one in these parts. She couldn’t afford any here. She couldn’t afford…

Prue broke off her thoughts, let go off the handle of the suitcase and pressed her fingers against her eyes as hot tears surged out. Oh God! Why did these terrible things keep happening to her? Why did she keep coming to a place in life where she was stranded with nowhere to go? Why did she always have to wind up alone—always alone?

The gates of the house she was standing close to shuddered open and the rear lights of the car backing into the street beamed on her. Prue hastily brushed off her tears, jerked up her suitcase and stumbled out of the way.

The car, a dark grey coloured SUV, likely a Honda, fully reversed and started up the street. Then it screeched to a sudden stop, backed up and stopped right beside her.

Prue took an involuntary step backward as the driver’s side glass wound down.

“Miss Rawlings? Prudence Rawlings?”

Recognising him, the art dealer who’d come to the gallery a little over a month ago, Prue’s quick panic turned to acute embarrassment. “Ah… Mr Abang, good evening.”

“It’s actually Clarence.” He pushed open his car door and stepped down. “Going somewhere this time of the night?” His gaze lingered on her suitcase.

Kiss By Moonlight



LOVE is out there. Be bold. Be adventurous.’

That was what she was doing, being bold, being adventurous and going after love—which was, at present, right in front of her now. Only instead of being cuddled in his arms, sprawled out on his bed, he was sitting across of her in a restaurant, looking dissatisfied. And instead of the declarations of love she’d anticipated—well, longed for really—his tone was outright serious and a trifle annoyed. While her suitcase, which should be in his bedroom, was sitting cold in her boot with no hope of being taken down. Not by him, at least.

“You know you should have called me before coming down.”

He had said that before. It was the first thing he’d said when she walked into his office. “I thought a surprise would be nice.” Zinny smiled, bright and upbeat. Which wasn’t how she was feeling at all. “We haven’t seen each other in two months. I missed you.”

“I have been busy.” Kene dodged the hand she was inching towards his and picked his drink. “You shouldn’t have taken the day off work just so you can drive down.”

“I wanted the full weekend with you. At least today and tomorrow.” She looked at him, an attractive man who knew he was attractive, and Zinny tried a soft-spoken tone. “I thought we could spend some time together. I really did miss you, Kene.”

Kene looked away from her eyes. He would not allow his conscience prick him.

“Still, you shouldn’t have just turned up without first letting me know.” He complained. “What if I wasn’t around? What if I’d gone on an official trip? Or had a family emergency?”

Glimpse – Tall Glass of Red Wine


It burned like a dry desert in her throat. She was hungry for a feed, not diabolically so though. She didn’t feed regularly as she once did. Maturity, training, honing her powers, had taught her to hold off her thirst. Her hunger. But still, it was there—the craving. Possibly ticked off by the temptation of those two daring devils.

Insipid mortals.

She hated that kind. Drained them just for the pleasure of it.

Once again, she mastered the surge of ferociousness, quelled it and shelved it.

That was why she needed the walk. She liked to walk. It relaxed her. Balanced her. She could, of course, only walk when the clouds were blind with the retreat of the sun. When the night sky only shimmered with light from the stars and the moon.

Coming Soon – Unconventional Proposal


Samantha Aigbohan, 29. Independent. Hardworking.  Spunky and integrity-conscious. A pretty enough woman with every woman’s dream of meeting Prince Charming and being charmingly proposed to. But charming doesn’t describe having a man you accidentally met four days ago demand that you marry him with a list of his assets arrogantly tossed in your face. Samantha is not only amused, she considers the proposal from multimillionaire eligible bachelor Kelechi Abbey-Chikelu the biggest joke of the century.


“You didn’t have to come back. I’m grateful for your help but Carlson can handle things from here.” Tobi regarded her with cool, aloof eyes.

“I looked for you for months because I loved you. I love you, Tobi. And now that I’ve found you, I’m not giving up on us. So, I’ll keep coming back.”

“Anwuli, what was is no more for me. I have gone past it. I don’t feel the same anymore. I guess we felt too much, too quickly. We barely gave ourselves time to really know each other.”

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