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The Forgiving Lover – my 1st story



TOYIN HAD TRIED to sleep but could not do so. Instead her mind ran around what Juliet had told her about Jerry and Gloria—



She was in their hostel room, reading her book when Juliet entered. She raised her head and smiled at her friend and roommate.

“Hello, Julie.” Toyin greeted. “How were your lectures?”

“Hectic. I’m so glad it’s all over.” Juliet answered, going to her own bed to drop her books and bag.

“Sorry o. There’s yam porridge in the pot if you want to eat.” Toyin told her.

The Forgiving Lover – my 1st story

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This was my first ever written story. I wrote it at 13—June/July of the year 1990. Then I self-edited it three months later, October 1990. My Notebooks show this… lol.

This was when I was just Theodora Okafor (TM David-West hadn’t quite been birthed then.) But even then I had this awesome dream of becoming a writer like the Mills and Boon authors I was reading then (illegally *wink*) via my mother’s very rich bookshelf.

When I first posted this on Alifediary (my first blog), a commenter made the comment that it was too refined to be my first work—the writing of a 13 year old. Well, it is my first story. I wrote this at 13 and did this edited version you’re about to read still at 13. I started reading Mills and Boon at the age of 9 and when I decided I can write, I did my very best to imitate the style of writing I’d been reading in the last four years before that date.

I think I did all right. Lol.

I present you, THE FORGIVING LOVER. That was the title I gave it then and it will forever remain so—an honour to 13 year old me. Lol. I hope as you read this, you catch a glimpse of where I’m coming from and then enjoy a short love story.




WHAT A TIRED DAY! thought Mr Adeyemi on his way back from work. He hoped his wife had prepared his food.

Back in their house, Bisi Adeyemi, a plump woman in her early forties and a school teacher was in the kitchen. She was just returning from a friend’s place and was still preparing the evening food when her husband entered the house.

Seeing the dining table empty, Mr Adeyemi was angry. “Bisi, Bisi,” he shouted. “I told you I was coming home early today and still you did not have my food ready.”

“I am very sorry.” Bisi apologised. “It is not yet ready because I went to see Mrs Ajayi. But just give me a few minutes and the rice and stew would be ready.”


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ADESE emptied the content of the last pot into the bin, then took the bin outside and came back in through the kitchen backdoor. She blew out a breath as she surveyed her cleaned-out kitchen.

She would miss it. She would miss this house which she had known as home in the last two years. They’d bought it, Demola and her. She’d made the most contribution but still she’d considered it more his than her own—that was until she’d found the video and photos and her world had come crashing down.

On Christmas Day

It was Christmas day.

He knew that because he has been waiting for this day. He had been counting the days and the weeks and the months—and finally, it was Christmas day.

It was Christmas day. They had woken up early and then they had all dressed up and gone to church. Mama had brought out his new clothes and shoes and dressed him in them. She had put on a new dress too and so had Aunty Funke and Jojo. They’d all worn their new clothes and they’d all gone to church. After they’d returned, they’d had a huge breakfast. But they hadn’t opened the presents. Not yet. They were all waiting for him to come back.


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IT was now a month since it had been done. A month since she lost a most important part of herself. A month since she lost the part of her anatomy she valued most. It’s been a month but Tiwa still felt like it was just yesterday.

“The drugs aren’t working.” Dr Adese Ehimhen had told her after they’d tried medication treatment for two weeks. “And chemotherapy is likely to be a draining trial which will end up not working. The cancer is already advanced and chemo treatments might succeed in shrinking it but it won’t destroy the growth. Surgery is inevitable.”


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ADESE stared blankly into space. The tablet in her hand hung loosely, tilting downward as if about to fall of her limp hands. She didn’t know why she’d chosen today to go through his personal effects. Maybe she’d wanted something to soothe her aching her heart—she didn’t know. She was too… broken would be the word. She was too broken to know what she’d initially be searching for.

She hadn’t really been searching—or snooping, as many are wont to call it these days. She hadn’t been looking for anything in particular. She’d only wanted a feel of him. A reminder of who he was. What he was to her… a reminder of the emotions he educed in her. She’d wanted to remember him, to feel his presence once more—to love him again.

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